How to withdraw and deposit from Winners Golden Bet

Winners Golden Bet is a bookmaker that provides sports betting services in Nigeria. It offers a wide range of sporting events for betting. The company's range includes football, basketball, tennis, boxing, golf and other sports.

In order to start earning from betting, customers have to make a deposit and place a bet. This article will explain how to deposit and withdraw winnings from the Winners Golden Bet platform. Keep reading to find out the important details.

Supported currencies

As the bookmaker legally offers its services in Nigeria, players can deposit and withdraw winnings in the local currency. Deposit and withdraw winnings in currency:

  • NGN.

How to make a deposit

Deposit on the bookmaker's platform is available only for authorised users. How to register and log in to the account we have told you here.

After successful registration you need to go to the home page of the site.

Deposit on Winners Golden Bet

Available deposit methods

Only one deposit method is available to customers on the bookmaker's platform:

  • Paystack.

Paystack is a major Nigerian payment platform that allows users to make online payments, including deposits to betting accounts. Depositing through Paystack is usually instant and commission-free, making this method popular among online betting players.

The bookmaker has posted deposit limits on the platform:

  • Minimum deposit amount is 10 NGN;
  • Maximum deposit amount is 100 000 NGN.

In order to top up your account you need to:

  1. Enter the deposit amount within the limit;
  2. Tick that you agree with all the terms and conditions of the bookmaker;
  3. Press the green button "Deposit".
How to make deposit on Winners Golden Bet

After that, the bookmaker will offer you the following ways to deposit:

  1. Pay with card;
  2. Pay with USSD;
  3. Pay with Visa QR;
  4. Pay with Transfer.
Available deposit methods on Winners Golden Bet

All the chosen methods are not very different from each other.

Pay with card

If you have chosen to top up your account with a card, it is done in the same way as when paying for a purchase in an online retailer. To do this, you need to:

  1. Enter the card number;
  2. Enter the card expiry date;
  3. Enter the three-digit secret code on the back of the card (CVV/CVC);
  4. Click on "Pay NGN [deposit amount]";
  5. Wait for the money to be credited to the account.
Pay with card on Winners Golden Bet

Pay with USSD

USSD deposit is a method of depositing money to a bank account or e-wallet using a USSD code (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). A USSD code is a special combination of symbols that can be typed on a mobile phone to access banking transactions without using the Internet. Often this method of making a deposit is used for the convenience of customers who do not have access to the internet or prefer simpler ways of conducting financial transactions.

Pay with Visa QR

To make a deposit using this method, scan the QR code with your phone's camera in the bank's app or on the website if you don't have an app. The unique QR code will appear on the screen after you select this deposit method.

Pay with Visa QR on Winners Golden Bet

Pay with Transfer

Bank Transfer deposit at bookmakers in Nigeria is one of the ways of funding a gambling account, which allows customers to transfer funds directly from their bank accounts to the accounts specified by the bookmaker. To do this, customers must provide the details of the bookmaker's bank account to which they wish to make the transfer and make the payment via a mobile banking application or by visiting the nearest bank branch.

This deposit method differs from the others in that the bookmaker has set a minimum limit of 100 NGN.


The bookmaker offers customers to withdraw their winnings in two ways:

  1. Online with Paystack;
  2. In offices.

Withdrawing winnings online

In order to withdraw money from the bookmaker's online platform, you will need to:

  1. Select the bank where you have a card from the list of available ones;
  2. Enter the account number;
  3. Specify the withdrawal amount.

Withdrawal of winnings at the bookmaker's office

The inconvenience of this method is that the bookmaker's office is located only in one city - Ikeja. You will have to go there yourself to make a withdrawal from your account. The workers of the office will help you with the payment transaction. However, this method has an advantage. For this method of withdrawal the limit is higher than for the online transaction.

For withdrawal of winnings the bookmaker has set its own limits.

Withdrawal methodMinimum withdrawal amount (NGN)Maximum withdrawal amount (NGN)
Online (via Paystack)10001 000 000
Bookmaker's office110 000 000
Withdrawal of winnings from Winners Golden Bet

We recommend you to read our review on Winners Golden Bet. It will help you form a full impression of the company before you choose it for betting.


  • How to withdraw and deposit from Winners Golden Bet online?

    To do this, go to the "Deposit" section to deposit or to the "Payments" section to withdraw. Next, select the Paystack method, fill in the information about the means of payment, specify the amount and wait for transaction confirmation.

  • What is Winners Golden Bet betshop Ikeja?

    This is where customers can withdraw money from their account if the online method doesn't suit them.

  • What currency is available for deposit and withdrawal of winnings?

    The bookmaker supports for players from Nigeria the country's national currency for transaction.

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