How to deposit and withdraw from betPawa

Sometimes bookmakers offer so many opportunities, that a newbie bettors may be confused. But when everything is as easy as with betPawa, it's enough to figure everything out just once to master it. This article is going to help you to deal with making a deposit and withdrawal, since these features are extremely important for every bettor.

How do I make a deposit on betPawa?

How to make a deposit?

This bookmaker offers a nice range of payment methods that suit all tastes.

Topping up via Bank transfer

Bank deposit

Once you find yourself on the deposit page of the betting site, you'll see an input field where you'll be supposed to enter amount to top up. After that click "Deposit" and a menu will appear that will allow you to select an appropriate bank. There may occur an error, if pop-up windows are restricted by the settings of your smartphone. If not, and you succeeded in choosing a bank, type in your bank account number and click "Verify Account". Further you may be requiested to enter an OTP code that will be sent to the mobile number that you've specified during registration. That's it! Now everything depends on your bank: whether it approves the transaction.

Making a deposit via USSD

USSD deposit menu

To take advange of this payment method you need to have a GTBank card. If so, proceed to the appropriate page of betPawa's website and specify the amount you want to deposit. After that you confirm it, a code must appear on the screen. Dial it with your mobile phone to continue topping up. Then you'll be required to enter either PIN or the last four digits of your card. After that wait for the money to be credited.

Other payment methods

Actually, all the payment methods left are:

  1. Airtel Smartcash;
  2. MTN MoMo;
  3. MTN Airtime.

They all work similarly. Basically, all you need to do is to enter the amount of funds you'd like to deposit and to proceed to the transaction itself.

Withdrawal from betPawa

betPawa withdrawal menu

This procedure can only be fulfilled in one way, namely —  via bank account. Here's what you need to do to get your winnings to it.

First of all, visit the withdrawal page. There you'll see a list of banks, among which you are supposed to find the one you use. Once done, specify your account number and location. Then you'll be offered to enter a deposit amount. Please note, that it can't be less than 1000 NGN and more than 2 000 000 NGN. After that. don't forget to click "Request Withdraw"

Question — Answer

  • What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

    Before you can get funds from your betPawa account to your bank card, you'll probably need to play for some time at first, since you can't withdraw less than 1000 NGN.

  • Are there any fees charged for topping up?

    The only two payment methods on betPawa that require paying fees are Airtel Smartchash and MTN Airtime. The first one charges 25 NGN for a transaction, while the amount of fee charged by the second one depends on how much you are going to top up.

  • What do I do if I haven't received my winnings?

    If it's less that 15 minutes since your withdrawal, don't worry. Sometimes it can take time. Otherwise, you should get in touch with the customer support.

  • How do I contact to the customer support?

    If something goes wrong, betPawa's tech support will gladly lend you a hand. You can requiest a call on the bookmaker's website or to write a message on Facebook or Telegram.

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