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One of the great variety of games available on 1win is Aviator. Whether you've been eager to play it for a long time or just want to get familiar with it, this article will help you to find out what Aviator is and how to take advantage of it on the previously mentioned betting site.

What is the Aviator game?

If you're into gambling and betting you've probably heard about Aviator. It's time now to finally find out what kind of game it is and why you would likely enjoy Aviator.

This game is very simple yet gripping. It's a great opportutiny to make real money in a really short time. That's why Aviator is such a popular game.

Before it starts, you are to place a bet. Then you'll see a plane gaining altitude on the screen. The longer it is in the air, the bigger the multiplier of your bet becomes. You can cash out any time during the flight. But stay alert! As soon as the plane disappears, your bet will be lost.

Actually, there is a vast range of different variations of Aviator made by different providers. They are adjusted to a diversity of gamblers' tastes. For example, you can find a game where there are 3 planes simoultaneously or even none of them, with the main rules remaining the same.

How do I register on 1win?

The process of creating an account won't take you much time and effort. Find the registration button at the top of the main page.

1win how to register

There are two ways of registration: via social media and a quick one. If you choose the first, you'll need to log in any of social media provided and to select a convenient currency. This last step is also a part of a quick registration, however, it also requires of you to fill in your phone number and e-mail as well as to make up a password.


In both cases you'll moreover need to agree with the User Agreement and optionally specify a promocode if you have one. Once all these steps are fulfilled, press the Register button and that's it.

How to make a deposit?

Before you can start playing Aviator on 1win, you need to have some funds on your account. To top up, proceed to the appropriate section of the website by clicking the Deposit button.


On the page opened you'll need to choose a payment method. There are plenty of them so you'll likely find something convenient for you. Choose one and follow the instructions of the 1win.

Paymetn methods 1win

How to play Aviator on 1win?

Since Aviator is a very popular game, you can find it in a main menu of the betting site. Scroll through it a bit to discover what you need and click the button.

How to find Aviator

You'll see a page where the game takes place. It consists of several parts:

  1. A plane itself;
  2. Space where it flies and a multiplier is displayed;
  3. Two buttons for placing a bet.
1win Aviator

The thing is you can actually place two bets at the same time. But that puts more responsibility on you, since you can't cash them out simultaneously. If you don't want to risk, it probably would be better to place only one bet.

Surely, you can adjust your bet by entering the amount you'd like to wager in a special field. An additional feature is Auto: this option allows you to place a random bet.


  • How to play Aviator?

    Place a bet and follow a plane fly on your screen. Your bet multiplier increases during the flight. But try to cash out before the plane disappears, since when it happens, your bet will be lost.

  • Can I register on 1win via social media?

    Yes, this bookmaker provides new users with such a possibility.

  • Is topping up via cryptocurrencies available?

    There are a lot of payment methods on 1win that include cryptocurrencies.

  • Can I place multiple bets on Aviator at the same time?

    While playing Aviator, you have different options: either placing one or two bets. No more is usually available.

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