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AccessBet is a licensed bookmaker that is a favorite among professional bettors. The betting company satisfies their growing demand for classic sports markets and virtual competitions, and also offers to make pre-match and live predictions for cyber sports events.

An equally important aspect of the web platform's success is the odds. In the case of AccessBet, you can count on competitive multipliers.

Another crucial component of any betting company's betting is considered to be the coupon verification option. This small feature provides the ability to track the status of your bet in a second. In this article we will tell you how to use this tool, what is its necessity, as well as under what conditions it can be most useful. Everything will be analyzed on the example of the AccessBet bookmaker.


What is a coupon checker?

Let's first understand the significance of coupons when it comes to betting on sports matches.

So, a coupon is a unique card that contains information about the bet placed. In other words, a coupon is a document that stays with you until the end of the match on the outcome of which the prediction was made. If you make a bet offline, you will be given a paper version of the check, which is important to keep. In case the coupon is lost, you risk losing the right to receive your winnings. Therefore, in order not to face such mishaps, most players prefer to make sports bets online, because it is almost unrealistic to lose the electronic format.

The importance of the coupon in the field of betting

As a rule, the coupon includes only the basic data that a player needs to know about his bet. There is no unnecessary information, so it will be difficult to get confused.

The document contains the following information:

  • Coupon number. The unique combination serves as a coupon identifier. Bettors use it when they want to find out about the status of the bet. To do this, a certain sequence of numbers is entered into a special field provided in the electronic system of the bookmaker's office. In our case, this is AccessBet.
  • Date and time. The time and day when your bet was made is also spelled out on the coupon.
  • Event. It means the full name of the sports tournament on the outcome of which your bet was placed.
  • Outcome. The outcome is the expected result of the match. In other words, it is what the bet is placed on.
  • Odds value. The odds multiplier of the outcome is set by the bookmaker's team of analysts. The higher the figure, the more the bet has a chance of winning. However, the odds can change in the course of the game, so be careful and follow the development of the event.
  • Bet amount. This is the amount that will be deducted from your account for placing a bet.
  • Potential winnings. This is the projected amount of winnings that the player will receive on his account as a prize fund, if the bet he has placed turns out to be a winner.

How can I get a coupon?

The coupon is generated independently on an automatic basis. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

1. If you have logged out of your profile or have never been in the bookmaker's system, go to the full or mobile version of the AccessBet website. Then either log in to your existing account or register using one of the following buttons:

  • Log In.
  • Register.
Registration and authorization buttons on the AccessBet website

2. If you are a new player, be sure to verify and confirm your data. This stage is a mandatory requirement of the bookmaker, so do not skip it. Also do not forget to make a deposit, thus replenishing your account.

3. Select the sport within which the competition will be held. To do this, go to the "Sports" page. Immediately after that, choose which event you want to bet on - the upcoming or the current one.

3. If it is an event that has not yet started, in the "Daily" block select the day on which the competition is scheduled to take place.

4. Find the event you want to bet on and determine the odds by which your bet will be multiplied if you win. In the bottom menu bar in the middle, find the bet coupon with the number "1" or any other number in the corner. This depends on the number of selections you have made.

Process of bet registration on the AcessBet website

6.The bet type will be determined automatically. Since in our case only one event is selected, the system has placed it in the "Single" tab. Specify the amount you want to bet and press the green "Place bet" button. If the match has not started yet, book your bet by clicking on the white "Book bet" button.

The minimum deposit amount is 100 NGN.

AccessBet betting coupon

Done! Your bid coupon has been created!

Why would I check the coupon?

Coupon verification may be necessary when a customer wants to know the status of their bet and the outcome of the bet. To perform this procedure, the user only needs to know the unique receipt number located in the upper right corner.

Coupon number with your bet

So, what is the purpose of checking coupon status? Some betting enthusiasts simply record their coupon numbers to understand how their bet played out. Other players stick to keeping statistics. Still another category of bettors make several bets at a time, so it is difficult to remember all the predictions. This is when the check option comes in handy.

How to check the coupon on the website of the bookmaker AccessBet?

Be warned that AccessBet bookmaker does not provide an option to view the status of other people's coupons. In order to track the status of your bet, follow our instructions:

1. Нажмите на круглый значок, расположенный в центре строки меню. Напоминаем, что он служит купоном для ставок.

Section with betting coupon on AcessBet

2. From the three sections presented on the screen, select "Check Ticket".

Button to check the status of your coupon on AccessBet

3. In the field that appears, enter the desired numeric combination assigned to your coupon.

Field for entering your AccessBet coupon number

If you want to see any information on your previous bets, use the "Bet History" portal. You can find the page in the Player's Personal Cabinet, which is available both in the desktop version and in the mobile application.

Section with the history of your bets on AccessBet


  • How to use the welcome bonus on AccessBet?

    At the time of writing this review, the bookmaker AccessBet does not have a welcome bonus. In order to find another incentive, pay attention to the brand's loyalty program. You can find the list of promotions in the player's personal cabinet.

  • Does Accessbet have an app?

    Yes, you can download the betting company's app regardless of which software you own, Android or iOS.

  • What payment methods does AccessBet use for betting?

    As soon as you go to the deposit page and specify the deposit amount, the sports betting operator will offer you three options for depositing funds: using PayStack, Monnify and PalmPay. You can also make a deposit through the bookmaker's store, specifying the transfer code and user ID.

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