AccessBet Jackpot

Jackpot is a marvelous chance to win a great prize and you can take it with the help of AccessBet. If you want to push your luck here, read this article to learn more about this bookmaker's jackpot rules.

How to take part in the jackpot on AccessBet?

Basically, Accessbet's jackpot is just your favourite betting, but with a much more amazing total amount you can win. The rules are simple: there are 15 special matches given and you need to predict their outcomes: one of the teams wins or there's a draw. Please note that only the result of 90 minutes is taken into account.

To take part in the jackpot you need to choose at least one outcome for every event, but if you're really determined to win, there is a chance for you to select more than one outcome possible (even all three!).

In case you are confident in your predictions and choose only one final result for each game, that will cost you 100 NGN. Every additional outcome will cost you double amount of the previous set.

There are 6 possibilities to win: from all the matches predicted correctly to only 10 of them. All the people that divide the first place gets 10% of the prize pool plus jackpot, the last one — 30% of the prize pool and all that are in between share just 10% of the pool for each place.

Now we're clear on the rules of the jackpot, so here's what you need to do to take part in it: to register and to make a deposit.

How do I register to play jackpot?

This process is very simple and won't take you much effort. First of all, you need to find the Registration button in the upper right corner of the AccessBet page.

AccessBet registration

The window will open where you'll be able to fill in your data. Actually, you need to make up your username and password, specify your name as it comes in the bank account, your phone number and e-mail, then select a currency you're going to use and a country of residence. After that confirm that you're 18 or older by ticking a checkbox. In addition, you can enter a promocode, if you have one.

Personal details

When you click the Register button, you'll become a full-fledged member of AccessBet's community.

How to top up on AccessBet?

Proceed to your profile menu and find the Deposit button. After clicking it you'll see a list of payment methods.

How to top up on AccessBet?

Basically, there are four of them, but one includes some more methods. It's about Monnify. It also include four ways to make a deposit which are:

  1. Account transfer;
  2. Card;
  3. Phone number;
  4. USSD.

Please note that the last one of the methods present (namely PalmPay) requires that you download an app to complete a payment.

Regardless of what way of topping up you use, there are the same pecularities. All of the transfers provided by AccessBet are instant and charge no fees. Minimum deposit is 100 NGN and maximum is 1 000 000 NGN.

Question — Answer

  • How much matches do I need to predict to win an AccessBet jackpot?

    There are 6 winning places that are up for grabs: from 10 to 15 correctly predicted matches. All players that guessed 10 of them can share 30% of the prize pool, for all the others the reward is 10% of the prize for each place and those who predicted the outcome of all 15 matches win a jackpot in addition.

  • Can I bet on several outcomes at the same time?

    Yes, AccessBet makes it possible! At first you need to choose at least one outcome for every match. Then every next one you select will cost you double amount of money.

  • Is it possible to make a deposit via USSD?

    Yes, this payment method is present among a pretty good selection of others.

  • What is a minimum deposit on AccessBet?

    You can only top up an amount of money that is not less than 100 NGN.

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