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Afribet bookmaker offers not only sports betting services but also online casino services. It is popular with Nigerians because it offers competitive odds. Registration at Afribet gives you the opportunity to try your luck at one of the best virtual games in recent years, Aviator. This game combines simple rules, pleasant design and excellent profitability. After reading this article, you will learn about the features and main functions of Aviator. We will also show you the strategies you can use to maximise your winnings at Afribet.

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How to start playing

As only authorised users can place bets, you must register with Afribet to play Aviator. Read our detailed guide if you haven't registered yet. Then log in and go to the main menu. Click on the "Aviator" section.

Afribet aviator register

The main zone is reserved for a type of radar. It shows the user how the aircraft is taking off and gaining altitude. In the middle, the maximum coefficient is calculated. This value is affected by both altitude and duration of flight. Below you have the option to view statistics. It shows how long the last flight lasted and how much money each player earned. This allows you to analyse the frequency with which the game gives out the best multipliers.

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Virtual game features

Afribet bookmakers have placed this game in the main menu for a reason. It has unusual features compared to other games.

  • The user can place two bets simultaneously in one round. This gives you the chance to double your winnings or significantly reduce your chances of losing, as your first bet will cover the second;
  • The game assumes that rounds start automatically, i.e. there is a 5 second break before each round. This is enough time to change your betting preferences and adjust your game strategy;
  • You can use the Auto Cash Out feature to reduce the risk of losing your money;
  • The virtual game is very volatile, as the maximum multiplier can exceed x100, multiplying the player's wager many times over;
  • Aviator has a high RTP (return to player). It can reach up to 97%;
  • There is an in-game chat window for players to communicate. The chat window is available in both the web and mobile versions and allows players to send messages.
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Strategies to increase your winnings

We have done a lot of research into the way the game works and from this we have been able to come up with a list of useful strategies.

Make a million in the Aviator game
IxesThe user has to catch certain odds at a certain time. To do this, follow the statistics to calculate the best odds and understand when they fall out. As a rule, the x100 multiplier will fall at least once in an hour and a half.
MartingaleThe essence of this strategy is to keep doubling your bets. Your goal is to recoup your losses from the previous round. To be successful with this strategy, you need to be able to react quickly and have a large bankroll.
FibonacciWhen placing a new bet, the player must add the last two amounts. For example, if the first bet was NGN 50 and the second bet was NGN 100, the third bet will be NGN 150.
DalembertEach time you play, increase your bet by a fixed amount.


  • What payment methods are available at Afribet?

    You can deposit and withdraw using these payment methods: Visa and Mastercard.

  • What is the minimum age for registration at Afribet?

    In order to register and place bets with a bookmaker, you must be of legal age, which means that you must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Who developed the virtual game Aviator?

    The game was developed by Spribe. It is a licensed supplier that is also actively exploring the slot machine sector.

  • Is Afribet licensed and regulated?

    Yes, Afribet has a licence and is under the supervision of the National Lottery Commission.

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