BC.Game Crash game

While the vast majority of bookmakers offer Aviator, BC.Game has come up with an original game that's yet just as simple and as profitable. It provides players with bigger amount of opportunities which guarantees you even more exciting emotions. Read this article to learn about this game and how to play it.

Registration on BC.Game

Before you are able to take part in Crash you need to complete a few easy steps that are registration and topping up. Let's proceed to the first one.

BC.Game sign up

Find a Sing up button and click it.

Registration BC Game

BC.Game will offer you two kinds of registration: via e-mail and via phone number. The both procedures are basically the same. All you need to do is to specify your credentials, to make up a password and to agree to the User Agreement. Please note that before your account is created you need to get verified. For those who posesses a Referral or Promo code, a possibilty to enter it also exists right there: you just need to unfold the input field that is situated above the checkboxes.

Social media

Actually, there is one more way you can use to create an account. It allows you to link one of your social media to BC.Game. Click any of them you want to take advantage of and log in. After that you'll be able to enter the bookmaker's website with the same credentials that you use for the social medium chosen.

How to make a deposit?

BC.Game stands out because it has such an experience with using cryptocurrencies like no other bookmaker. That's why it offers a great choice of such for its users. Here are some of the crypticurrencies provided:

  1. BTC;
  2. ETH;
  3. USDT;
  4. DOGE;
  5. LUNA;
  6. And a lot more.

However, if you're not an advanced cryptocurrencies user, naira is available on BC.Game as well.

BC.Game payment methods

You can top up with it using a range of different payment methods that include various bank transfers an e-wallets. For some of them there may be diversified pecularities such as minimum and maximum deposit amounts.

There are also opportunities to top up directly in any cryptocurrency available or to convert naira into one of them.

Moreover, BC.Game offers its own inner cryptocurrency that is called BCD (BC Dollar).

Regardless of what currency you choose, the bookmaker will make your transactions easy and quick.

How to play Crash?

It's no coincidence that Aviator has been mentioned in the beiginning. Crash definitely has some common traits with it. Basically, the same principle lies at the core of both: you place a bet and follow the multiplier grow for some time that is random every round, having an aim to cash out before it stops.

However, if Aviator, according to its name, is designed so that you see a plane fly on the screen when the multiplier increases, Crash offers just a line with a point at the end. That's not a significant difference, although it has an influence on the perception of the game.

Crash game

One more difference is that BC.Game, as a bookmaker that works with the cryptocurrencies, has learned from markets to give traders an opportunity to use bots. Yes, you definitely can code your own bot to master the game just on Crash's page.

BC.Game bot coding

But that's not all. Crash has an additional option that makes the game original that is called Trenball. In this mode your goal is to guess what number will a multiplier reach before it stops. There are three possible variants:

  1. Red (up to 1.99X);
  2. Green (from 2.00X to 9.99X);
  3. Yellow or moon (10x and more).

When playing Trenball, you can see a list of the participans and their bets on the side.


You can switch between two modes of the game whenever you like.

Therefore, Crash is an original thrilling game which offers a wide range of opportunities that can appeal to players of any experience.

Question — Answer

  • Can I use cryptocurrencies to make a deposit?

    Yes, cryptocurrencies are more than welcomed on BC.Game, so it will be convenient for you to use them.

  • Is Crash the same as Aviator?

    This games may look similar at the first sight, but Crash offers much more opportunities for players. For example, you can customise your setup and even code a bot that will help you win or play a different mode called Trenball.

  • What is Trenball?

    It is a mode of the Crash game that offers three variants you can bet on: either that the multiplier will grow no higher than 1.99X or that it will be 2.00X-9.99X or that it will exceed 10X.

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