bet365 accumulator tips

There are a lot of different kinds of bets in the wagering world, most of them are present on bet365. This article's topic is accumulator bet and related features that this bookmaker offers.

What is an accumulator bet?

bet365 accumulator bet

This type of bets provides the punters with a chance to win more, although it is riskier. The thing is that acca includes several events yet it counts as one coupon. All the odds are multiplied to each other which can gives your stake an opportunity to get bigger amount. Imagine how much you can win in case all the outcomes turn out as you predicted! However, if even one of the events goes wrong, you'll lose all the bet.

How to place an accumulator bet?

How to place an acca bet

This process is not very different from placing a single bet except for you choose several events at once. Here is a brief guide on how to place acca bet:

  1. Choose a pre-match event you want to place a bet on. It can only be one of the following: either Premier League, oe Bundesliga, orSerie A, or La Liga, or one of the knockout events of the Champions League.
  2. Add 3 or more events to your coupon;
  3. Wait for the results and get your winnings!

Please note, that bet365 adds a bonus to each match above the starting ones. The more events you have on your coupon, the bigger a bonus is. Thus, you can you can get from 5% to 70% with a maximum amount of 14 matches. However, you can choose more, but your bonus won't exceed 70%.

If some of your event lose, they will be excluded from the bet and you only get winnings and a bonus to the remaining ones.

Types of accumulator bets

Depending on how many selections there are in your coupon, the bet's name differs. All proficient bettors are supposed to know what their bet is called.

  1. Double is a ticket that includes only two events;
  2. Treble has three of them;
  3. Trixie consists of two previous types of bets;
  4. Patent is a combination of seven bets: three singles and four doubles or trebles;
  5. Yankee includes as much as six doubles, four trebles and an accumulator bet with four selections;
  6. Lucky15 consists of four singles, four trebles, six doubles and one acca bet.

Question — Answer

  • Is there an acca bonus on bet365?

    Yes, and even no only one! The bookmaker allows you to take advantage of a multi-sport bonus, a soccer bonus and a tennis-bonus. Both of them can provide you with up to 70% to your winnings.

  • What is an accumulator bet?

    It's a type of wagering that allows to win bigger by selecting several matches into one bet.

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