BetKing Virtual games

One of the basic options of BetKing is Virtual games or Virtuals. What kind of betting does it provide? Is it trustworthy? Everything that you need to know about Virtual games is gathered in this article, so don't hesitate to go on reading.

What are Virtual games?

Whether you're an experienced bettor or a newbie, you have probably heard about Virtuals, since it has gained a lot of popularity recently alongside with a development of computer technologies. What's the correlation, you may ask. To answer this question we need to find out how Virtual games work.

So, basically, they are match simulations that are AI-generated. At its core Virtuals have real statistics which make them credible. The main advantage of such a way of betting is quite evident: you can wager on the matches where your favourite team participates even if it's not that season when a certain league takes place.

Virtual matches don't usually last long which makes it possible that they occur more often.

How do I register?

Before you can wager on Virtual games, you need to create an account. When on the main page, click the Join button.

BetKing registration

The registration panel will open. At first you'll need to enter your phone number. You must have an access to it, since you'll have to verify it later. Then make up your password. After that fill in your name and your surname. The next step will require your e-mail, date of birth and state of residence. The last stage is an above-mentioned verification. That's it! Now you have an opportunity to wager on BetKing.

How to deposit?

After you've registered, you need to top up. It can be done easily in your profile menu. Find the appropriate button here and proceed to the deposit section, where you will see a vast variety of payment methods.

Payment methods

Feel free to use any of them you like. For every method BetKing has prepared a well-designed process that is intuitive. However, if some questions still remain, you can visit a Help page of the betting site, where more detailed instructions are gathered for you.

How to play Virtuals on BetKing?

How to find Virtuals on BetKing

Once you've created an account and made a first deposit, you're able to play Virtual games. To start betting procced to the section needed by clicking an appropriate button in the menu.

Virtual games

This betting site offers a wide range of oppotunities within Virtual games. You can wager not only on football (that includes several leagues, by the way), but also on a selection of number games and dog racing.

Talking about football, there are the following options:

  1. Kings League;
  2. Kings Liga;
  3. Kings Italiano;
  4. Kings Bundliga.

For these matches the most widespread types of bets are available. They are:

  1. Winner;
  2. Double chance;
  3. O/U 2.5;
  4. GG/NG.

Number games are basically differents kinds of casino. There is roulette and two kinds of lotto.

Dog racing is just what it appears to be at the first glance.

The procedure of betting and gambling remains the same as at usual sports and casino, so you won't face any troubles.

Question — Answer

  • What are Virtual games?

    They are simulations of your favourite matches generated by AI and based on statistics.

  • How to begin to play Virtuals?

    Fulfill a few easy steps to create an account on BetKing, make a deposit in any way that is convenient for you and proceed to the appropriate section of the site.

  • Can I top up via USSD?

    Yes, BetKing offers two banks that can help you with that. They are GT and Zenith. For each of them there is a special dial code.

  • Is it possible to bet on dog races on BetKing?

    Yes, this option is provided as a Virtual among others such as football and number games.

  • Can I place a double chance bet?

    When you wager on Virtuals on BetKing, you can choose between a selection of four types of bets and double chance is among them.

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