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As you know, one of the most popular sports in Nigeria is soccer. Sports matches in this discipline are interesting not only for professional players, but also for ordinary spectators who watch the achievements of their favorite teams.

Inexperienced Betway customers who prefer online betting rather than live betting do not always make informed and correct decisions when predicting, thus increasing the risk of money losses. It is at these moments that many players begin to remember the recommendations, the application of which will help not to lose, but on the contrary, to gain.

In this article you will find free tips on how to start winning as a bettor. Also in the review we will share basic information about betting from Betway, so if you are a novice player of this company, this material will definitely be useful to you.

Betway Tips

Betway Predictions

Betway covers all the traditional sections within which you can bet on the outcomes of a huge range of events. These include sports, casino and cyber sports. In addition, the full version of the official Betway site has an unusual section that includes unique information related to expert predictions. Thanks to it, players receive useful information about potentially profitable bets, predicting the outcomes of which can provide you with the largest possible prize pool. Therefore, in order to never miss any of the current tournaments, we advise you to register right now!

Betway Predictions

Where to start betting on a bookmaker's website?

Those who have never been interested in betting or have never tried betting before, often mistakenly think that prediction is a lottery and it is almost impossible to win in it. In fact, this is far from true: only truly enthusiastic and attentive gamers can profit from successful bets. If you think you are such a gamer, you should start registering your account as soon as possible:

1. The first step is an introductory step. At this step you enter the data that will be used in the authorization form, i.e. when logging into the account.

As soon as all the information is entered, press the “Next” key.

The first stage of registration on the Betway website

2. You will need more time to fill in the second part of the registration form, but don't worry: all the information requested by the online bookmaker is familiar to you.

The second stage of registration on the Betway website

As soon as all free fields are filled in, click on the “Register” button.

For more detailed instructions please follow the link.

How to bet at Betway?

“How do I bet on a long-awaited sports match?”. This is the question that interests the vast majority of Betway customers who have recently joined the online bookmaker's team. In this paragraph we will give you not just recommendations, but a full-fledged guide to placing bets on the brand's website.

How to bet at Betway?

The bookmaker company provides a wide sports catalog, thanks to which bets can be made on several sports disciplines at once. For example, soccer and boxing are the most popular among the brand's clients. Much less frequently, bets are placed on basketball, volleyball and hockey.

Betway betting guide:

1. The first thing you need to do as a Betway customer is to go to the “Sport” tab. Immediately after that, closer to the header, you will be given a selection of sports disciplines that the bookmaker allows you to bet on. Choose any option that suits you. In our case it is “Soccer”.

Sports section on the Betway website

2. Select the league and then decide which teams you want to bet on. By clicking the “More bets” button, you can bet not only on the victory of the selected team, but also on other outcomes of the match. For example, on a draw, on a draw within the first 10 minutes of the event, on the exact score of the tournament, on its even or odd result and so on. Please note that a coupon can contain up to 10 predictions for different outcomes.

To make a prediction, click the “Place a bet” button.

Choosing odds in betting

3. In the betting coupon specify the amount to be bet. At the bottom, the bookmaker automatically suggests what your potential winnings will be equal to. The bet can be placed immediately or booked in case the event has not yet started.

Immediately afterwards you will be given an individual code, using which you can track the status of your bet. To do this, simply enter the desired combination in the “Booking Code” field.

Betway betting coupon

Congratulations! Your bid has been placed!

Types of bets on the bookmaker's website

Whether you are experienced in betting or learning how to triple predict for the first time, we recommend that you rely on the tips when betting. We have compiled a list of Betway's most commonly used betting tips for you, which will suit you:

  • Betting that both teams will score.

The bet that both teams will score is the most popular among bettors. Its meaning is simple: if both teams score during the match, your bet wins. If at least one of the participants of the tournament does not score once, the bet loses.

  • Bet that one of the teams will score a goal first.

The bet that one of the teams will score first is no less in demand. You simply predict which of the two teams will score the first goal in the match. This betting option is available in soccer as well as other sports disciplines.

  • Double Chance Bet.

A double chance bet is made on two possible outcomes at the same time. As a rule, these are combinations of “1”, “2” and “X”, where 1 is a win for the home team, 2 is a win for the away team and X is a draw. By combining these symbols, you can make two predictions at once: one for a win for 1 or 2 team, the other for a draw.

  • Betting on the exact score.

Betting on the exact score of teams is usually used in soccer. Choosing this option, you will win and become the owner of a large prize fund only if there is 100% accuracy in predicting the result of the match or half (period). In other words, you need to guess the number of goals scored by the first and second teams.

  • Bet on a draw in the first 10 minutes of the match.

At Betway you will find the opportunity to bet on a draw in the first 10 minutes of a match. If neither side is ahead of the other after this time, your bet will be a winner. Sometimes punters are given the right to use a similar bet that is placed on a draw within the first 15 minutes of a sporting event.

Types of bets on the bookmaker's website

Betway betting odds

As we have already told you, in order to place a bet, you need to choose a multiplier that represents the probability of winning. The lower the multiplier, the higher the chances of success and vice versa. Let's see which odds are rated as high, which are rated as medium and which are rated as low.

Betway betting odds

High odds

High odds are multipliers that are equivalent to 10 or higher values. They are usually used in betting on unlikely outcomes. Be warned that in this case the probability of losing for players is quite high, so be careful.

Average odds

This includes values between 2.5 and 10. They are generally set when the outcome is difficult to predict but still unlikely.

Low odds

These odds are the most trusted and usually reach 2.5. Obviously, it is difficult to win big at low odds, but you will not be left empty-handed.

Free Betway betting tips

The gambling catalog featured on the Betway website is attractive, but just imagine what your gambling experience could be like with the right tips . Luckily, we have a few tips that you're sure to benefit from knowing:

1. Learn the basic betting terms used by Betway.

2. Try not to overuse predictions on favorites, instead concentrate on outsiders.

3. Study the statistics of the teams you are betting on.

4. Watch out for changes in the odds.

5. Try betting on niche sports at Betway. Statistics show that betting on unpopular sports is more successful than betting on popular sports.

6. Follow the bookmaker's news on social networks.

7. Use Betway bonuses to maximize your potential prize pool.

8. Study the financial tactics followed by the professionals, choose one of them and follow it.

9. Study Betway's terms and conditions of service to avoid getting into trouble.

10. Study the strategies used in previous bets so that you can draw conclusions and succeed in your next prediction.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    • Which Betway bet is the most profitable?

      Among all the options offered in the review, there are no tactics that would guarantee you a hundred percent victory. We can recommend you to start with betting on the victory of one of the teams. As a rule, all beginners start gaining experience with it.

    • When will my bet on Betway bookmaker's website be calculated?

      The built-in system will automatically calculate your bet as soon as the match is over.

    • Is there a Betway predictions app?

      Yes, the bookmaker has a mobile app that installs on both iOS and Android, depending on which software you use.

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