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1xBet is a bookmaker that holds one of the leading positions in the international betting arena. Experts note that the company is a worthy choice, as it has an impeccable reputation and enjoys trust and authority in Nigeria. The attractiveness of the office lies in many aspects of its activities, but the most important point is the high level of service.

The bookmaker company 1xBet has a loyal policy in terms of types and types of bets, which can be placed on several dozens of sports disciplines. In this review, we will tell you about the peculiarities of the chain bet, as well as offer to consider other betting options from 1xBet.

Chain bet 1xBet

What is a chain rate?

The bookmakers at the top of the betting industry strive for perfection and therefore are constantly working not only on the quality of service, but also on its level, offering their customers as many betting options as possible. One of them is the type of bet "chain", which is mistakenly called "express" or "system". What is the peculiarity of this particular type of bet, let's understand.

Features of the chain rate

Chain bets (chains) are a special category of betting on sporting events, which allows you not to constantly make new deposits, but to use the winnings from the previous bet to make the next one. In our opinion, this is a great option for Nigerian gamers to bet on multiple outcomes and combine all bets placed into a single coupon. In doing so, the potential prize pool increases and the risk of monetary loss is minimized. In case one of the several bets in the coupon is unsuccessful, you will automatically lose the profit from the previous ones. However, if only the first bet is a loser, the "chain" will not be broken and you will still have a chance to earn money.

Example of chain rate calculation

To help you understand the peculiarities of the "chain" in practice, we will give you an illustrative example. It will also help you understand what the final outcome of a pari depends on.

Chain rate coupon

Let's say, when you make a coupon, you want to combine the outcomes of three soccer matches, that is, make bets on them. You have selected the following leagues:

  • "N" versus "Z."
  • "D" versus "Q."
  • "Y" versus "X."

So, if in the first case you believe that the league "N" will win, the chain bet will continue if the prediction is correct. The same principle is used for betting on the result of the second match. The chain bet wins if the prediction made for the victory of this or that league is correct in the third case.

In case of successful prediction of all 3 outcomes, the prize fund will be calculated according to the following scheme:

1. 1,000 NGN (estimated bet amount) x 1.5 (estimated odds for the first league win) = 1,500 NGN - your potential winnings after the success of the first bet.

2. (1,500 - 1,000) (net winnings of the first bet including the deduction of the second bet amount) + 1,000 x 2.6 (estimated odds of the second league win) = 500 + 2,600 = 3,100 NGN - Your potential winnings after the success of the second bet.

3. (3,100 - 1,000) (net winnings of the first two bets including the deduction of the third bet) + 1,000 x 3.9 (estimated odds for the third league win)= 2,100 + 3,900 = 6,000 NGN - Your potential winnings after the success of the third bet.

*One coupon can include bets placed on different sports.

Chain betting success strategy

The betting operator 1xBet is considered to be one of the best bookmakers, which creates such conditions so that its customers can reduce the risks of losing money and increase the percentage of profit. Before you start making chain bets, it is important to understand the strategy that is guaranteed to lead you to success. According to experts, there is a list of guidelines that are important to consider when placing a chain bet. Below we have spelled out some of them:

  • Place bets on sports disciplines that you are familiar with.
  • Carefully analyze the history of the teams you plan to bet on. Such a move will help you increase the probability of success.
  • Choose odds multipliers not lower than 2.0. In case the second or third bet is wrong, you will lose all your money. For this reason, we recommend placing events with high odds at the end.
  • Use the highest probability outcome as your first bet, and place the riskiest options at the end of the coupon. In case the result of the first prediction is positive, you will get a large reward, and if you fail, you will lose only one amount of money on which the first bet was made.
  • Include no more than 3-4 events in the coupon. Remember that the more matches you use in your ticket, the less chance of a positive outcome.
Chain betting success strategy

If you are not quite sure about the outcome, but still want to make a prediction and bet, we recommend you to use a single bet.

Features of chain betting on 1xBet

If you, being a passionate gambler, are on the lookout for an exciting and challenging way to make money, by all means choose 1xBet. Nigerian players consider this betting option to be one of the best and most gambling, so if you like a keen sense of risk, this place is definitely for you.

Features of chain betting on 1xBet

In the web company 1xBet, the order of chain bets is irrespective of the time of the events, as the bettor himself sets the queue. Also, a chain bet can include events that take place in both pre-match and live formats.

Let's understand how to make a bet of this type on the 1xBet website.

How to make a chain bet on a bookmaker's website?

By choosing a "chain" bet on 1xBet, you can make predictions on sports such as soccer, cricket, cycling, darts, fist fights, golf and many others. Selecting events is not the only step required to make a bet. Why? Let's look at.

1. Once the sporting discipline has been selected, you will be left to decide on the matches as well as the outcome to be bet on. At the same time, select the appropriate odds and go to the coupon, which will light up on the bottom menu bar.

Selecting a sports discipline on 1xBet

2. In the betting category find "Chain Bet" and click on this option. In the line "Stake" specify the bet amount and make a prediction.

*Note that as soon as you are logged in, the "Log in" key will disappear and you will be able to place a bet.

Choosing a chain bet on 1xBet

You can also use a bonus code if you wish and customize the coupon behavior in case the odds change.


  • How safe is it to place chain bets on 1xBet?

    Don't worry about your safety, the bookmaker 1xBet has an official license from Curacao.

  • How to win chain bet on 1xBet?

    Unfortunately, winning depends solely on your degree of preparedness as well as luck, so we can't offer you a hundred percent recipe for victory.

  • What other types of bets does 1xBet accept?

    In addition to "chain" you can use the following options when selecting the bet type: accumulator, singles, lucky, patent, multibet, conditional bet, system bet 2/4, system bet 3/4.

  • What match results can I bet on at 1xBet?

    As a client of the bookmaker you can bet on the following match results: 1 (team 1 to win), X (draw), 2 (team 2 to win), 1X (team 1 to win or draw), 12 (team 1 to win or team 2 to win), 2X (team 2 to win or draw), Total Over, Total Under, 1X2, Handicap, Double Chance, Both Teams to Score.

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