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Bookmaker office 1xBet guarantees not only fair play and absolutely accurate calculation of bets, but also elementary withdrawal of winnings obtained by the results of prediction. Clients of the bookmaker company can use the whole wide range of services it offers. Among them is the opportunity to make bets of different types and types. The range of bets involves both traditional and not quite familiar options, including accumulator, ordinar, system, chain, patents, lucky and many others.

In addition to classic bets, there are bets made on a specific outcome of a particular sports tournament. For example, 1xBet offers players to gain experience through placing bets on double chance (double outcome).

In this review, we will look at what double odds bets are capable of and in which case they are best used.

Double chance 1xBet

What is double chance betting on 1xBet?

Betting enthusiasts are often faced with the desire to make a prediction on the victory of one of the teams, but are afraid of an unexpected outcome in the form of a draw. As a rule, a high probability of such a result is observed only if the opponents are not inferior to each other in strength, that is, there is no stronger or weaker team. Then, predicting the chances of victory of each participant, the bookmaker's office offers either the same or almost equal odds multipliers.

What is double chance betting on 1xBet?

If you are in the same position and have difficulty in choosing a bet, we recommend you not to risk it and use a double chance bet. You will be left with the prize money regardless of the outcome. So, in other words, a double chance bet is a bet that is placed to win or draw at the same time.

Symbols of tournament results on 1xBet

The possible results of a sporting event taking place in any discipline except tennis are presented in the online bookmaker's table and displayed in the form of the following three indicators:

  • 1: the first team to win. As a rule, the first team is the team in whose country the match is played. Sports fans often refer to these participants as "home teams".
  • 2: The second team will win. This team consists of the visitors.
  • X: the match will end in a draw.

Note that 1xBet offers a fairly clear statistical table, so new players usually have no problems.

Main designations of possible match results on the 1xBet website

By combining these indicators, the online bookmaker includes from in the line and creates three possible markets:

  • 1X.
  • X2.
  • 12.

Let's take a closer look at all the designations.

Types of double chance bets on 1xBet

Double chance is one of the most popular betting options that allows you to increase your chances of winning. Such a prediction allows you to protect your cash from potential mishaps and losses. The bet is most often used for sports like soccer and hockey, and sometimes even presidential elections.

There are three main variants of double chance in the betting market.

Double chance "1X"

A "1X" combination is a bet that is placed simultaneously on two possible outcomes:

  • The winner is the first team, i.e. the home team.
  • The match is played to a draw.

Bookmaker 1xBet transfers the winnings to the account of its client in both cases. The funds are completely lost only in case of the victory of the second team. Sometimes it happens that bookmaker companies, providing such a betting option, call it "Team 1 will not lose".

Double chance "1X" 1xBet

Double chance "X2"

The combination "X2" is a bet that is placed simultaneously on two possible outcomes:

  • The winner is the second team, i.e. the guests of the tournament.
  • The match is played to a draw.

The bettor can also count on earnings in both cases. The bet will be considered lost only if the first team wins.

Double chance "X2" 1xBet

Double Chance "12"

A "12" combination is a bet that is placed on two possible outcomes at the same time:

  • The winner is the first team.
  • The winner is the second team.

As a rule, this bet is made by soccer, tennis or basketball fans. The bet will lose when the match ends in a draw. Sometimes it happens that bookmaker companies, providing for this betting option, call it "Victory of one of the teams".

Double Chance "12" 1xBet

"Double Chance 12" strategies

If you think you have understood the principle of how double chance betting works, now it's time to delve into sport specific strategies. In the next two paragraphs, we will tell you how to bet with the "double chance 12" strategy.

"Double chance 12" strategy in soccer

Let's start with the fact that the strategy "double chance 12/1X/X2" in soccer is a fairly common tactic that can be used during the design of an express. However, we have to warn you that in this case, due to the high chances of winning, the odds will not be high. Therefore, the bet starts to be combined with additional options.

So, for example, if the combinations "1X", "12" or "X2" offer not enough attractive odds, pay attention to the following combined markets:

  • Double chance and total. This bet will be successful if both parts of the bet win: the double chance and the total.
  • Double chance and both teams to score. This bet will win only if both teams score a goal.
"Double chance 12" strategy in soccer

You can select the appropriate betting option using the built-in regulator.

Betting options in the 1xBet table

Double chance 12 strategy in hockey

In addition to soccer betting "double chance" is often used in hockey. The essence of the strategy is betting on the winner. Based on statistics, a draw in hockey rarely happens, so this type of bet is more profitable to conclude on the victory of the first or second team. Despite this, it is advised to study the career history of a particular league before including it in the betting ticket. For example, in the NHL, the statistics of draws are higher.

The average odds for a "double 12" bet are between 1.20 and 1.25. If you do not include in the coupon those teams that are more likely to draw, this betting option can be considered quite a useful strategy.

Like any other strategy, this one has its disadvantages. First of all, we will say that because of the low odds, earnings will not be high even if the coupon includes several bets. Secondly, if the first bets in the system are unsuccessful, there is a risk of losing all the money placed.

Mistakes in placing a double chance bet

If you are a new player and are afraid to take risks, check out this list of common mistakes that inexperienced players often make.

1. Excessive concentration on losses. Strong worries about lost money will not let you try new strategies and try your luck again. Therefore, in the event that you have a black streak, and losses have become too much, analyze your tactics and use other game schemes.

2. Improper money management. We recommend you to try successful bankroll management strategies such as flat or fixed percentage.

3. Unreliable bookmaker. We advise you to make predictions only with trusted and safe betting companies that are licensed.

4. Wrong choice of outcome for betting. Place bets solely on analytical work. Be sure to pay attention to the opinion of sports experts who have extensive experience in the field of a particular discipline.

5. Lack of knowledge of the rules of the office. You must understand how bets are calculated and what variants of outcomes exist at a certain bookmaker. Otherwise, you risk not understanding the scheme of applying double chance and spend your money in vain.


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of double chance betting?

    So, let's start with the strong side. The advantage of the bet is in the reliability. The bettor insures himself in advance, as he bets on two outcomes at once. Another plus is the quick calculation and the ability to bet on both in live format and in prematch.
    The disadvantages are low odds. Because of the high probability of winning, the bookmaker reduces the odds.

  • How are double chance bets calculated?

    The calculation of double chance bets is calculated according to the traditional scheme. In case your prediction turns out to be successful, the amount of the bet made will simply be multiplied by the odds multiplier.

  • What is the difference between a handicap and a double chance?

    Often not only beginners, but also regular players do not distinguish between a handicap and a double chance, so they do not get the result they expected. To put it simply, if you make a double bet, in case of a draw the bet will not be refunded, while in case of a bet with a handicap the money will be automatically returned to your balance. If you are interested in the odds, it is better to bet with a handicap.

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