Euro 2024 predictions

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The 2024 European Football Championship, known as Euro 2024, promises to be one of the most exciting sporting events of the year. Hosting the tournament in Germany, one of football's strongest nations, adds further interest to the event. In the run-up to the tournament, fans, analysts and bookmakers start to actively discuss possible match outcomes and potential favourites.

Analysing and predicting match outcomes at Euro 2024 is not an easy task. It requires taking into account many factors, including the form of the teams, the condition of key players, tactical schemes, as well as the results of recent meetings.

In this article we will look at the key aspects to consider when predicting Euro 2024 matches. We will also share the opinions of experts and analysts about the possible tournament favourites.

Euro 2024 predictions

The favourites

Bookmakers and sports experts are trying to predict the results of Euro 2024. 1xBet has already started accepting long-term bets on the victory. At the moment, the bookmaker has identified the four best contenders for victory, according to the odds:


  • Strengths: After a successful performance at Euro 2020, where England reached the final, Gareth Southgate's team will be looking for another triumph. The squad is full of young and ambitious players such as Phil Foden and Jude Bellingham.
  • Prediction: England have a strong squad and motivation, making them one of the main contenders to win.
England at Euro 2024

As of today, bookmaker 1xBet accepts long-term bets on England winning Euro 2024. At the moment, its chances are rated as the highest among other countries by 1xBet.

1xbet predicrions at euro 2024


  • Strengths: France, the 2018 World Cup winner and Euro 2016 finalist, has one of the strongest squads on the continent. The team is full of world-class stars such as Kylian Mbappe and N'Golo Kante, and has a strong attacking line and a solid defence.
  • Prediction: France are considered one of the main favourites for the tournament and are well capable of reaching the final.
France at Euro 2024

You can already bet on a win for France at 1xBet.

1xbet predicrions at euro 2024


  • Strengths: As tournament hosts, Germany has a big advantage in the form of home crowd support. In addition, the team is traditionally strong at major tournaments and has a deep roster of talented players.
  • Prediction: Germany will be looking to rehabilitate for the failures of recent years and will probably reach at least the semi-finals.
Germany at Euro 2024

1xBet has also put Germany in the contenders to win. You can put a bet on it now as well.

1xbet predicrions at euro 2024


  • Strengths: Spain is known for its dominant style of play based on ball possession and quick passing. Young stars such as Pedri and Ansu Fati give the team a fresh and energetic look.
  • Prediction: Spain have every chance to perform well and could be one of the title contenders.
Spain at Euro 2024

If your gut tells you that Spain will win Euro 2024, you can place your bet at 1xBet.

1xbet predicrions at euro 2024

Types of bets on Euro 2024 accepted by 1xBet

Choosing Euro 2024 for betting, you can bet not only on winning the championship or its stages, but also make exotic bets. At 1xBet you can:

The first event in the match:

  • First yellow card.
  • First corner.
  • First goal.

Betting on the individual achievements of players:

  • Number of goals, assists, cards and other actions.

Betting on specific periods:

  • Betting on results or events within certain time periods of a match (e.g. between the 1st and 15th minutes).

Betting on the top scorer:

  • Bet on the player who will score the most goals.
Types of bets on Euro 2024 accepted by 1xBet

As such outcomes are difficult to predict, the bookmaker offers high odds for them.

Tips for betting on Euro 2024

In order to make predictions, you should not only take a sensible view of the situation, but also make informed decisions and study the recommendations of sports experts. At the moment, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the final. Therefore, we offer general recommendations:

Research and analysis

Teams and players form:

  • Keep an eye on the current form of the teams and their key players. Pay attention to the results of recent matches and tournament results.

Injuries and disqualifications:

  • Check if the team has any injured or disqualified players, as this can significantly affect the outcome of the match.

Statistics of head-to-head meetings:

  • Study the statistics of previous meetings among the teams. Some teams may have a historical advantage over others. If you are betting on the top scorer, for example, it is worth considering the player from the country with more matches.

Types of bets

Variety of bets:

  • Use different types of bets. Do not limit yourself to betting on the outcome of the match. Consider options such as total goals, both teams to score, corner bets and cards.

Live bets:

  • Watch the matches in real time and place bets as the game progresses. This can give you an added advantage as you can assess the teams' current form and strategy, as well as their behaviour on the field.

Betting strategies

Favourites and Outsiders:

  • Don't always bet on the clear favourites. Sometimes outsiders can surprise you, especially in major tournaments. However, this option is only worth considering if you closely monitor the championship and read the experts.

Long-term bets:

  • Consider long term bets such as tournament winner or top scorer. These bets can offer high odds and be less risky.

Handicaps and Totals:

  • Use bets to reduce risk or maximise potential profits.

Emotional control

Avoid betting under the influence of emotion:

  • Don't bet on your favourite team just because of attachment. Be objective and evaluate the chances soberly. Also, do not bet immediately on the ‘obvious champions’, because the situation on the field before the match is unpredictable.

Don't try to win back:

  • If a few bets in a row are unsuccessful, do not immediately try to recover the lost money with more bets. Keep your cool and stick to your strategy.

Choosing a betting company

Odds and margins:

  • Compare odds at different bookmakers and choose the ones that offer the most favourable terms.

Bonuses and promotions:

  • Take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by bookmakers, but carefully read the terms and conditions of their use. For example, 1xBet often offers bonuses for betting on sports, including football.
Tips for betting on Euro 2024

If you haven't decided yet which bookmaker you will be betting at, we recommend reading our reviews on bookmakers in Nigeria.


  • Who will win the 2024 Euro prediction?

    According to 1xBet, England currently have the best chance of winning Euro 2024.

  • Who is favourite to win the Euros in 2024?

    Experts and bookmakers highlight four favourites for Euro 2024: England, France, Germany and Spain.

  • Where will Euro 2024 be staged?

    In 2024, Euro 2024 is being held in Germany. The group stage starts on 14 June and the final of Euro 2024 is on 14 July.

  • When and where are the euros 2024?

    Euro 2024 is being held in Germany. The matches take place in 10 cities: Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Leipzig.

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