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1xbet offers a nice selection of types of bets you can place on the sports present on the bookmaker's website. Among others you can find the one called handicap. This kind of bets allows to make your betting experience even more gripping, since it gives an edge to an underdog. Read this article to learn how to take advanatge of a handicap on 1xbet.

What is a handicap?

Handicap is one of the ways to place a sports bet that works perfectly in case when there is a big gap between teams' skills. Basically, there are two variants of type of bets: european and asian ones. Both of them are present on the betting plaftorm.

European handicap

This type of bets provides a weaker team with additional points (for example, scored goals) in the beginning of the game. So the underdog starts a match with allegedly higher result, that only makes sense for betting, since in real life the weaker team doesn't have any benefits. Thus, handicap allows to make the rivalry more intense so that betting gets more exciting.

European handicap is usually depicted as a number or a fraction with a plus or a minus. That means, if you see a "+1" note referring to the team's name, it gets an imaginary additional goal. In this case, if the team is actually one goal behind, for those who placed such a handicap bet it will count as a draw. Such a principle can is applied to other outcomes as well.

Asian handicap

Although this kind of bets has some common traits with its previous variation, they are quite different. Asian handicap includes bets on two outcomes simultaneously. This is reflected in a way asian handicap bets are depicted, namely, as quarnery fractions. One of the bets can be defined by adding 0.25 to it and another — by subtracting 0.25. Thus, if you place a bet on an team that has a 1.75 handicap value, that means you choose both outcomes where the team wins with the help of 1.5 and 2.0 additional goals. There are three possible results: either both of your bets win, or one wins and one is returned, or both lose.

How do I place a hadicap bet on 1xbet?

This procedure is very simple, but you need to meet some requirements to be able to fulfill it. They are creating an account and making a deposit. You can find a detailed guides to the both steps here and here.

Once you've done all the essential preparations, you can proceed to placing a handicap bet. You can sort the matches in such a way that this kind of bets will be depicted on your screen. To do that click a button with an icon of a filter.

You'll see a list of types of bets that are available at the bookmaker, including handicap. You need to remove ticks from all the other points except for it. That will make only the relevant events be seen, so you can choose among them.

Talking about asian handicap, it's a little more complicated to find a suitable match, since there are no filters for it. However, by clicking on a sertain event, you can see all the types of bets available, including asian handicap.

Once you've made a choice, click the odd button to put a bet into your bet slip. There you'll be able to adjust a stake and to place a bet. That's it! Now you only need to wait for the results of the match.


  • Is 1xbet legit?

    Yes, this bookmaker has a permit issued by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

  • Can I place a handicap bet in live mode?

    With 1xbet you can not only take advantage of handicaps pre-match, but also in the live mode.

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