Ivory bookmakers’ best sports betting odds

Ivory Coast, like many other countries, has a developed sports betting and casino market. While gambling may be prohibited or strictly regulated in some countries, casinos and betting shops have their legal forms in Ivory Coast.

Generally, in countries with a developed gambling market, there are licensed casinos, bookmakers and online sports betting platforms. These platforms offer various types of sports betting as well as gambling games such as slots, poker, roulette and others. The government regulates and licences these establishments to ensure the integrity and safety of the players.

Best betting sites in Ivory Coast

Sports and casino betting became legal in Ivory Coast in 2016, when a law was passed to regulate gambling in the country. Since then, licensed betting shops and casinos have started to appear in the country.

As of today, here is the list of the best and licensed bookmakers:

  1. 1XBET;
  2. Betwinner;
  3. 22bet;
  4. Melbet;
  5. 1win.
Bookmaker in Ivory CoastOddsMargins
Odds and margins at bookmakers in Ivory Coast

In the table we have listed the odds in international markets for basic events such as a win, draw or loss. In markets with a large number of outcomes or special bets, the odds are usually higher.

We have also indicated the average margin. However, you can always calculate it yourself.

The margin of a bookmaker's office (or also known as commission income) is calculated as the difference between the probability offered by the office and the real probability of the outcome of the event.

To calculate the margin of a bookmaker's office, you can use the following formula:

Margin = 1 - (1 / Odds1 + 1 / Odds2)

For example, if the odds for betting on a win for team A and a win for team B are 1.70 and 2.80 respectively, then the margin will be:

Margin = 1 - (1 / 1.70 + 1 / 2.80) = 1 - (0.5882 + 0.3571) = 1 - 0.9453 = 0.0547 or 5.47%

Thus, the margin for this event is 5.47%. The lower the margin, the more favourable for the players, as the bookmaker keeps less interest for himself and, accordingly, the betting odds will be higher.

Reasons to make bets in Ivory Coast

Using online bookmakers in Ivory Coast can be convenient for several reasons:

  1. Availability. Online bookmakers are available around the clock, which means that users can place bets at any time of the day or night without worrying about office schedules.
  2. Convenience. Betting can be done from anywhere that has internet access. There is no need to visit bookmakers' branches and offices.
  3. Variety of choice. Online bookmakers often offer a wide range of events and sports for betting, allowing users to choose from a variety of options.
  4. Bonuses and promotions. Many online bookmakers offer various bonuses, promotions and special offers to attract new players and reward loyal customers.
  5. Quick access to statistics and information. Online platforms often provide users with access to various statistics, analytics and information that can help them make more informed bets.

Besides, online bookmakers usually offer convenient payment and withdrawal methods, as well as provide security and confidentiality of information.

All necessary information

You can learn more about betting in Ivory Coast here.

Betting in Ivory Coast

On the website you can read about:

  1. Reviews. The site contains reviews on the big bookmakers in Ivoire;
  2. Apps. You can access all the information you need about bookmaker apps with a detailed guide on how to install;
  3. Bonuses. We've detailed bookmakers' promotions and bonuses, including welcome offers.
  4. Promo Codes.The best promo codes in Ivory Coast for betting shops, the most attractive bonuses.
  5. Guides. How to register on bookmaker sites, make a deposit or withdraw your winnings is also available to you on the site.
Betting in Ivory Coast

On our website we have compiled all the information that is important to you. Visit it to keep up to date about sports and casino betting in Ivory Coast.


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