Konfambet Aviator

Whether you are an experienced punter or a newbie, you have probably heard of Aviator. It's quite a new yet widespread game, that is available on Konfambet as well. Aviator attracts more and more players because of its easiness and gripping gameplay. This article will be useful for you, if you want to try your hand in Aviator.

The rules of the game

Aviator offers you an opportunity to predict how long a plane on your screen is going to fly and earn money for that. The thing is that the loger the plane is "in the air", the higher an odd that is multiplied on your stake becomes. However, if you haven't cashed out the funds before the plane flies away, your bet will burn. That's what makes Aviator so thrilling.

In order to make everything crystal clear, here's a brief guide to playing this game:

  1. Wait until a previous round ends;
  2. Place your bet by clicking an appropriate button;
  3. Follow the flight of a plane on your screen while an odd is increasing;
  4. Cash out before the plane flies away;
  5. Enjoy your winning.

How do I play Aviator on Konfambet?

This bookmaker is a perfect variant to start your Aviator experience with, not only since it is a user-friendly betting site that provides a wide range of features, but also because it allows to give this game a try without spending real money.

Thus, Konfambet can offer as much as 115 000 NGN at your disposal for free. However, these funds and winnings you get with their help cannot be withdrawn. They are meant just to help you to get familiar with Aviator so the game with real money doesn't confuse you. To take advantage of so called Fun mode you don't even need to create an account.

However, if you feel confident enough, before you start playing with real money, create an account and make a deposit.

Aviator Konfambet

Once done, proceed to the appropriate page by clicking an Aviator button in the upper menu.

Aviator gameplay

Here you have two betting buttons. When a bet is placed, instead of a green button, an orange one appears where "Cash out" is written. You can use only one or take advantage of both. But stay aware that you can't cash out both bets simultaneously, so such a gameplay is riskier.

There are also settings that allow you to adjust a bet or to place an automatic one.

Question — Answer

  • Why can't I place a bet on Aviator?

    Probably you are trying to do it during an ongoing round. Wait until such an image appears. You can place a bet only if it is present on your screen.

  • How do I know when a plane flies away?

    Since Aviator is based on randomiser, it is impossible to know, how long each flight lasts. That is also the reason why there are no proper strategies to win this game.

  • What is a Fun mode on Konfambet?

    This is a variant of playing casino games that requires no real money from you, however, you can't either withdraw your winnings. This mode allows to get used to a game.

  • Are there any other games like Aviator?

    Yes, this type of games is called "crash games". The main point remains the same, however, design and some pecularities may differ. Such games can be found on Konfambet as well as Aviator itself.

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