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Linebet is an online bookmaker that provides its services in Nigeria. The company is licensed to conduct gambling activities in the country and offers a wide range of sports events for betting including soccer, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball and others.

The company also offers its customers bonuses and promotions such as a first deposit bonus and a battery betting bonus. The site is available in several languages, including English and French, and offers a user-friendly interface for placing bets and performing financial transactions.

In addition to classic sports betting, the company offers online gaming, including the Aviator virtual game. Keep reading and we will tell you more about Aviator on Linebet's platform.

Aviator Game Principle

Aviator game in the betting shop is an online game, which is a combination of gambling and lottery and belongs to the category of "Crash Games". Players bet on the possible winnings, which depends on how high (numerical odds) the airplane on the playing field will take off after leaving its limits. The playing field is a vertical scale on which the airplane moves. Players can bet on different heights, and if the airplane will fly away at the chosen height, the player gets the winnings. In case the airplane does not reach the selected point, the bet is lost and the player loses money.

Aviator on the bookmaker's website

In order to start playing at Aviator you must be a client of the bookmaker. We told you how to register here.

After registration the game will be available to you. In order to find it go to the main page of the bookmaker's website. In the upper control panel select the game "Aviator". If you can't see it, scroll to the left until it appears.

How to find Aviator on Linebet website

Next, the "Crash Games" category on the bookmaker's platform will open in front of you. Find Aviator game in it. It is one of the most frequent choices among the players on the platform. Therefore, it will be located relatively at the beginning.

How to find Aviator on Linebet website

Aviator game rules

Although the bookmaker accepts the national currency NGN for making deposits and withdrawing winnings, in Aviator betting platform accepts bets in EUR. Therefore, your bets will be converted into EUR currency.

Aviator is a simple and intuitive game. In order to start playing you need to:

  1. Place a bet and wait for the game to start. The game updates quickly and you won't have to wait long for it to start;
  2. Your winnings are the amount of your bet multiplied by the odds. The higher the number on the screen, the higher the amount you can win. The flight graph can go down and up. This process cannot be predicted. The most important thing is to take the money before the plane leaves;
  3. Click "Cash Out" to claim your winnings before the plane leaves. If you are late, your bet is lost.
  4. You can set an automatic "Cash Out." To do this, set the odds at which the program will automatically end the game;
  5. Minimum bet amount is 0.10 EUR;
  6. Maximum bet is 100 EUR.

In summary, these are all the rules of the game. Its risk lies in the desire to press "Cash out" when the odds are high. You can win both a smaller amount, because the airplane will gain altitude higher before takeoff, and lose all the money if you press too late.

Tips for playing Aviator

Before starting the game, remember that Aviator is a game of pure luck. It is impossible to predict the takeoff of an airplane, so the game has no definite strategy. However, we have compiled for you a list of the main points that we recommend you to follow when playing the game:

  1. Study the Aviator game rules to understand the basic mechanics and strategies. The bookmaker has prepared a YouTube video for you, if you don't fully understand the text rules;
  2. Manage your bets. Don't bet too much money at once to minimize losses;
  3. Pay attention to the size of the odds and the probability of success for different bets. The higher the take off, the higher the odds will be. This is what is multiplied by the amount of your bet. So you should expect that betting very high odds is a huge risk. The airplane may leave early and then you will lose your bet;
  4. Constantly monitor your balance and be able to make decisions to stop on time;
  5. Use demo mode to practice and understand the gameplay;
  6. Play responsibly and don't forget that gambling can be addictive;
  7. Play for fun and enjoy the process, not just the winnings.

In order to familiarize yourself with the rules and watch the video, if necessary, click on the "How to play?" button. In the mobile version it looks as a question mark in a gray circle and is located next to the name of the game.

Full rules of Aviator at Linebet

We recommend you to read our Linebet review. It will help you form a full impression of the company before you choose it for betting.


  • How does a line bet work?

    At Linebet, the betting line provides players with the opportunity to bet on various sports and cyber sports events, as well as various casino games and slots. The betting line is usually a list of different events or games that can be bet on, as well as the corresponding odds for each bet.

  • Is it safe to use Linebet?

    Yes. This is a reliable and trusted bookmaker, which has a license. Its activity is legal. Also, the company guarantees reliable protection of your personal data.

  • Where can I play Aviator game at Linebet?

    You can play Aviator from your computer using the full version of the site. The game is also available in the app and in the mobile version of the site.

  • What currency is available at Melbet for players from Nigeria?

    For Nigerians, the bookmaker offers the national currency NGN for payment and withdrawal of winnings.

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