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Baba Ijebu offers a great number of games that are availble not only on the bookmaker's website, but also just on your phone (herewith you don't need to install any apps!). If you want to learn what games there are and how to play them, we are going to explain all the pecularities in this article.

USSD games Baba Ijebu

Baba Ijebu games

Here are some of the games that you can play right on your phone just by dialing a special number: *755#. Please note that this option is only available for MTN users.


This game is similar to lotto. You can choose 10 numbers that you suppose are going to win and if at least 2 of them match with the draw ones you get your winnings. This is the least complicated way of getting money, yet quite exciting.

NAP 2 or 2 Sure

NAP 2 or 2 Sure

Although this game is easy to play, it also can allow you to win big, since the multiplier is as much as 240. All you need to do is to choose a pair of numbers that will appear among 5 winning draw numbers. Please note that a winning combination needs to include both numbers that you've selected, otherwise you'll lose a game.

NAP 3 or 3 Direct

The rules of this game are very similar to the previous ones, except for 3 numbers need to match draw numbers instead of 2. Here you can choose any combination of numbers from 1 to 90. The multiplier of this game is 2100.

NAP 4 or 4 Direct

This is another variation of the games listed above which requires that you pick 4 numbers and they all match draw ones. With such a probability of this to happen, the multiplier of NAP 4 is 6000. Do you consider this worth trying?

NAP 5 or 5 Direct

Being the most unlikely to win at, this type of Baba Ijebu's game gives you an opportunity to multiply your bet by 44 000! As you can guess from the name of this game it requires that you guess all the five draw numbers. If this happens, you can get an enormous winning and vivid emotions.

Online games Baba Ijebu

Online games Baba Ijebu

You can also play these games in an online mode on the bookmaker's website. All the games listed above are available in this case, but there are even some more.

Banker 2

This game allows you to chose from 3 to 10 numbers. The first number you select is a banker ball, so it needs to come out with one of the other numbers. That will make you win. The numbers are also gathered into lines which makes it more specific to count your winnings.

Permutation 3

Permutation 3

You already know about how to play Permutation, but there are some more advanced variations of this game. For example, in Permutation 3 you need to pick from 4 to 10 numbers. If at least 3 of them match the draw numbers, you get your winnings.

Permutation 4

This is the same game as the previous one, except for you can choose from 5 to 10 numbers and 4 of them need to match to the draw ones.

Permutation 5

The same algorithm can be seen here: you pick from 6 to 10 numbers and if at least 5 of them match you become a winner.


  • What code do I need to dial to play Baba Ijebu games?

    The number is *755#. Please note that you can only play the games on your phone if you use MTN.

  • Can I play other games at Baba Ijebu?

    Yes, if you proceed to the bookmaker's website, you'll be able to find casino games and an opportunity to bet on sports.

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