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Betting is a great opportunity to make money on a particular sporting event by predicting the outcome of a particular match. In most cases, bookmaker's offices offer a fairly wide range of events on the outcome of which players can bet. This can be not only live sports, but also virtual sports. In addition, bettors who are not interested in the disciplines prepared by the company can bet on the outcomes of film festivals or cyber sports competitions.

Gradually gaining experience in the betting industry, Nigerian punters are beginning to develop entire strategies, which are a set of principles. Their application allows the client to act more thoughtfully and thus increase their profits with each successfully made bet.

In this article, we will look at one of the most popular types of bets from 1xBet and share its features so that new players can easily start using them in practice.

What is Lucky bet in 1xBet?

Lucky bet is a unique type of bet whereby a set of combinations of expresses and ordinals are formed from the matches added to the coupon. Some Nigerians refer to the Lucky bet as a "conservative express bet", but it is important to note that this belief is partly erroneous. Even if one of your predicted outcomes turns out to be a loss, some percentage of the winning funds will still be deposited into your account.

Lucky bet in 1xBet

The phenomenon of betting on luck first appeared over 10 years ago and caused widespread excitement. Today, the betting market offers several variants of this type of bet, including Lucky15, Lucky31 and Lucky63. All of these numbers are not chosen by chance: they reflect the total number of bets included. So, for example, if you choose the second option, you will need to select 5 sports events and form 31 betting options from them. These will include 5 singles, 10 expresses of two selections, 10 expresses of three selections, 5 expresses of four selections and 1 express of five selections.

Despite this reception, 1xBet uses its own, customized methodology, which we will talk about.

Lucky bet from 1xbet is a combined bet, which includes several single and express bets. It is noteworthy that the user can bet on several outcomes of the same event in one bet. For example, if 4 events are placed in the coupon, you can use the following options:

  • 4 single bets;
  • 6 express bets of 2 events;
  • 4 express bets of 3 events;
  • 1 express bet of 4 events.

Thus, betting on luck allows you to increase your chances of winning and get a higher income than with regular bets. However, it is worth remembering that the more events are included in the coupon, the higher the risk of losing.

Key features of Lucky bets on 1xBet

It is common knowledge that absolutely any type of betting has its own conditions and key features, which, undoubtedly, should be studied before using a particular option in practice.

So, let's consider the key features of Lucky bets on the online platform 1xbet:

  • The minimum number of forecasts concluded in a coupon must not be less than two, and the maximum number must not exceed the mark of 8 positions.
  • Sporting events, on the outcome of which you can bet, are located in the "Sports" or "Live" sections.
  • Bets can be placed on any markets supported by the 1xbet web portal.
  • When placing a Lucky bet, you should be prepared for the fact that the bookmaker does not provide any bonuses, promo codes and promotions.
  • The advantage is that 1xbet does not prescribe the necessary odds value of the outcome on which the bet is placed. That is, you can make a bet without taking into account numerical limits.
  • The bookmaker has the right to refuse to accept your Lucky bet without giving a reason.
  • Before placing a bet of this type, make sure that the quick bet option is disabled. Next, select the desired match and place a bet on at least two expected outcomes. Please note that in the types of available bets the default is "Single bet", so don't forget to change it to "Lucky bet".

You can also use a small hint and see the dependence of the number of bets on the number of events you have selected:

  • 2 events: 3 bets;
  • 3 events: 7 bets;
  • 4 events: 15 bets;
  • 5 events: 31 bets;
  • 6 events: 63 bets;
  • 7 events: 127 bets;
  • 8 events: 255 bets.

If you still have any questions, please use the "Information" section and the "Terms and Conditions" tab. There find the "Types of bets" button and click on it. Then select item 4.10 "Lucky".

Details of the Lucky bet on 1xbet

How does Lucky bet work in practice?

Perhaps one of the biggest problems for new players is that many of them can't understand how bets work and the technology of placing them. Above, we have already looked at the features of the luck bet on 1xbet and learned that it includes several compound options. However, there is still the question of how to take advantage of a particular type of bet and make a wager.

Clients of the bookmaker 1xbet very rarely face questions regarding placing bets, as the web portal provides a very convenient interface for making all kinds of bets.

So, in order to form Lucky bet on 1xbet, you need to authorize in the electronic system of the company or create an account. If you are not yet a client of the bookmaker, use the green button "Registration" and choose one of the three ways of registration: by phone number, by E-mail and through social networks.

1xbet registration button

After joining the 1xbet team, confirm your personal data in myAlpari, thus passing the identification process, and start betting:

1. Go to the "Sports" or "Live" section and select the match you want to bet on. Please note that some predictions can be made in prematch and others in live mode.

2. Decide on the odds and click on them to top up your betting coupon.

3. Find "Lucky Bet" in the field to specify the bet type.

Betting options on 1xbet

4. Specify the amount of the bet.

5. Carefully check all the information in the coupon and click "Place a bet".

After you have placed a bet, your coupon will automatically appear in the "Bet history" section. In addition, if you have the ticket number in hand, you can review the result of the bet using a special tool placed on the 1xBet portal.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How profitable is it to make a Lucky bet at a bookmaker?

    This type of bet, like any other, has its own nuances. The chance of winning depends directly on your luck, the preparedness of the team you are betting on and many other factors. If you are a new player, you should be careful not to lose a lot of money. However, if the bet turns out to be successful, you will definitely get a solid winnings.

  • What other bets can I place at 1xbet?

    In addition to Lucky bet your attention may be attracted by such types of bets as Accumulator, Anti-accumulator, Chain bet, Multibet, Conditional bet, System bet, Patent bet и Single bet.

  • What is the minimum amount I can make a Lucky bet on?

    The minimum deposit amount for Nigerian players is NGN 30.

  • What is a lucky 15 bet?

    This is another special type of bet, under the terms of which the player is obliged to include 4 outcomes in his coupon and form several bets from them. A more detailed description is presented in our article.

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