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Megapari is a major provider of betting services in the international gambling industry. On its platforms you can bet on many different sports, from soccer, basketball and tennis to handball, badminton and cricket. Casino and live casino are also available for users, where you can bet in a virtual poker room with real players and croupiers. The gaming category is also quite developed. There you will find many options, including one of the most popular crash games Aviator. In this article, we will focus on it in more detail.

Rules of the Aviator game

The base of the game is constructed as follows:

  1. At the beginning of the round, an airplane appears on the screen;
  2. It takes off;
  3. As it flies, the odds and therefore the potential winnings change;
  4. When the airplane leaves the screen, the round ends.

The player's task is to withdraw the bet before the plane leaves. Easy and simple isn't it? Here are the basic rules of the game:

  • The player places a bet before the round starts;
  • After the airplane has taken off, no bets are accepted;
  • The initial odds are x1;
  • As the airplane takes off, the odds change;
  • Bet X Odds = Winnings;
  • If the bet is withdrawn before the airplane disappears from the screen, it goes in;
  • If the player fails to withdraw the bet before the end of the round, it loses.
aviator megapari

Game strategies

It is impossible to predict the outcome of the game, as it is based on a random number generator. But there are certain strategies that can help you to benefit more from the game. We will name three main ones:

  • Low odds

You make a big bet and withdraw your winnings at low odds. In this case, in a few rounds, you can significantly replenish your balance, and the probability of losing is minimized.

  • High odds

This strategy is the opposite of the previous one. You need to bet a small amount of money and wait for high odds to withdraw it. In this case, the winnings will please you, and the losses will not upset you much.

  • Martingale strategy

This strategy can be applied only after several winning rounds. It consists of increasing your bet by a certain amount with each new round.

Aviator on Megapari

If you want to start playing Aviator on Megapari, you need to:

  1. Register on the bookmaker's platform or log in to your account. You can read more about these processes here;
  2. Make a deposit;
  3. Open the Aviator section. It is currently located in the top bar of the website and mobile version. You can also find the game in the More section of the Other games sub-section;
  4. The game will open in front of you, place your bet.
Aviator section mobile version
Aviator section website
Aviator game

A demo version of the game is also available for unregistered users. In it you can get used to the interface, practice and try to apply the above strategies.


Due to the simplicity of the rules and concept, the Aviator game has become one of the most popular games on the market. If you like something light and exciting, you will definitely like this game. Good luck and big winnings!


  • How do I register on Megapari?

    The bookmaker offers several ways to register. Choose the type of registration and fill in the appropriate form with the requested information.

  • What to do in case of a problem?

    If you have any difficulties, you can always write to the bookmaker's customer service chat, which will answer all questions and help to solve your problem.

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