Merrybet virtual games

Merrybet is a bookmaker that offers a wide range of virtual games for its customers. They allow customers to bet not only on sports. And also gives players the opportunity to enjoy excitement and entertainment even outside of real competitions.

Keep reading to find out more about the bookmaker's virtual games.

Range of virtual games

In order to go to the list of bookmaker's games go to the menu at the top of the site. Then select the section "1X2Gaming".

Virtual games on Merrybet website

After that, a new page with a full range of the bookmaker's games will open in front of you. For convenience, the company has divided all the games into blocks:

  • Slots;
  • Instant Win;
  • Virtual Sports;
  • Casino Games;
  • All: this section contains all the games.
Games categories on Merrybet

Let's describe each section and game content in order.

Slots category

The category of Slots games in betting shops is a variety of slot machines that are based on luck and chance. Players spin reels of symbols and wait for a winning combination. Slots games usually offer a wide range of themes, bets and bonus features.

The bookmaker offers 69 games in this category.

Slots on Merrybet

Games in this category usually have bright and attractive graphics created by professional designers, which makes the gameplay more exciting.

Instant Win category

Instant Win games in betting shops are games in which the winnings are determined instantly, without the need to wait for results or spend long playing sessions. Typically, this category includes games of luck such as lotteries, scratch cards, and other games where players can instantly know if they have won or not. Instant Win games often have simple rules, and they are offered in an online format for faster and more convenient play.

There are 28 games available for customers in this category.

Instant Win on Merrybet

While the odds of winning big in Instant Win games can depend on the specific game, some of them offer pretty significant prizes.

Virtual Sports category

The category of Virtual Sports games in betting shops are specially created computer simulations of sporting events. These games allow players to bet on various sports such as football, running, racing and others and watch the outcome of these simulations. Virtual Sports offer the ability to bet on the results of virtual competitions in real time and offer a lively and exciting atmosphere similar to what can be seen at real sporting events.

The bookmaker offers 12 games in this category:

  1. Virtual Tennis;
  2. Instant Racing;
  3. Instant Horses;
  4. Instant Greyhounds;
  5. Instant Speedway;
  6. Instant Velodrome;
  7. Instant Trotting;
  8. Virtual Football;
  9. Virtual Soccer;
  10. Virtual Football Pro;
  11. Virtual Racing;
  12. Instant Football.
Virtual Sports on Merrybet

Virtual sports games usually have realistic graphics, animation and sound. This helps to create the atmosphere of a real sports event.

Casino Games category

Casino Games category in betting shops includes a variety of gambling games that are usually offered in casinos. This can include games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines, baccarat and other gambling activities. These games are usually offered by bookmakers due to the increasing popularity of online gambling.

The bookmaker offers 13 games in this category:

  1. Blackjack Players Choice;
  2. European Roulette;
  3. Astro Roulette;
  4. Baccarat;
  5. Blackjack;
  6. Red Queen Blackjack;
  7. Blackjack Bonus;
  8. Cribbage;
  9. 3D European Roulette;
  10. 3D Blackjack;
  11. Roulette Diamond;
  12. 3D Baccarat;
  13. Sic Bo 888.
Casino Games on Merrybet

Players can place bets on these games and try to maximise their winnings. Betting opportunities may vary depending on the specific game and bookmaker.

We recommend reading our review on Merrybet. It will allow you to form a full opinion about the company before you choose it for sports and casino betting.


  • Does Merrybet have virtual games in app?

    You can download the bookmaker's app for Android. The assortment in the app and on the bookmaker's website coincide.

  • What is Merrybet registration form?

    You can learn more about registration here.

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