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Aviator has recently become overwhelmingly popular both all over the world and in Nigeria. MSports follows the trend and gives its users an opportunity to take advantage of this prominent game. But why is Aviator so attractive? The answer is simple: it has easy rules and allows to win real money in a short time. Read this article if you want to push your luck in Aviator, but don't know how to begin.

What is Aviator?

To play this game you don't need special knowledge or skills. However, your composure will come in handy. The round begins with placing bets. Once done, a plane appears on the screen. Alongside with it you can see your bet multiplier. The longer the plane flies, the bigger the multiplier becomes. But be careful! You can only cash out before the plane disappears, otherwise it will make your bet lose. The plane can vanish anytime. Thus, apart from money the game offers you gripping emotions: imagine cashing out a moment before the game finishes!

How to register on MSport?

To have a possibility to play Aviator you need to create an account on MSport. This procedure won't take you much time and effort.

Join MSport

Visit MSport's website and proceed to the registration panel by clicking the Join button. You'll need to specify your phone number which will require verification a step later. Then make up a password.


That's it! You're now one step closer to playing Aviator.

How do I make a deposit?

The only thing you need to complete before you can play is topping up. At first make sure that you're logged in. After that open your profile menu and proceed to the deposit section by clicking an appropriate button. A page will open where you'll be able to choose a payment method and to fill in the details needed for a transaction.

Here are the variants you can pick:

And by looking at the following screenshot you may learn what the procedure looks like.

How to play Aviator on MSport?

To make it to the Aviator game you need to click the Games button in the main menu.

Among several different options you'll see what you've been looking for. Click this button to proceed to the game.

MSport offers two types of playing: real and demo. The first one requires that you bet real money that you've topped up recently, the second allows to get familliar with the game without losing money. However, you won't be able to withdraw your winnings either.

While you see such a picture as above you can place your bet. After the loading ends up, the game will start and you'll be able to wager again only after the beginning of the next round.

This is how the game looks like. You may notice that there are two Bet buttons in the screenshot. The thing is you can place two bets in a row, but you should be careful with this option, since you can't cash out both bets simultaneously.

Talking about adjusting bets, you can do it in two ways: either yourself or automatically by clicking an appropriate button.

Above you can also see a list of other people's bets.

So, as you could see, Aviator is a really thrilling yet simple gave that offers not only an opportunity to win money but also a chance to have fun.

Question — Answer

  • How do I win in Aviator?

    There's no ultimate strategy to follow. However, you should try to curb your greed, otherwise there'll be more chance that you lose money.

  • Do I need to verify my phone number to create an account on MSport?

    Yes, this procedure is necessary.

  • Can I make a deposit using my bank card?

    This payment method is definitely available among the great variety of other ones.

  • Why can't I place a bet?

    You may have attempted to do this during an ongoing round. Wait until you see a loading screen and try again.

  • Why are there two Bet buttons?

    Actually, you can place two bets consecutively, but stay alert, because you won't be able to cash out both at the same time.

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