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Nairabet is a Nigerian company that provides online sports betting and casino services. The bookmaker was founded in 2009 and is one of the most popular betting operators in Nigeria.

The online betting operator offers a wide range of sports events for betting including football, basketball, tennis, baseball, boxing and many others. The bookmaker also has various types of bets including straight bets, totals, Asian handicaps and others.

In order to make it clear to customers whether their bet has won or not, the bookmaker has developed a function for this check. In this article, we will tell you how to check the status of a bet at Nairabet. Keep reading to know the details.

What's a Check slip?

On Nairabet's website, Check slip is a feature that allows players to check the status of their bets. When a user places a bet on an event, he receives a confirmation in the form of a ticket or Slip. This ticket contains information about the bet such as the selected events, bet size, odds, etc. With the Check slip feature, the bookmaker's customer can enter his ticket number on the website and check its current status: winning, losing or pending result. This is convenient for players to keep track of their bets and know whether they have won or not.


In order to place bets and see the status of current ones, you must be a customer of the bookmaker.

Nairabet registration online

To create an account, click on the Join button. A registration form will open in front of you.

Nairabet registration

The bookmaker requires you to verify your account to complete the registration process. To do this, you will need to confirm your phone number by entering a 6-digit code or your email address. A confirmation email will come to your inbox. A detailed guide on how to create an account you can find here.

How do I check the status of my bet?

We'll go through the process of placing a bet in order.

First you need to select an event and place a bet. The screenshots below show our actions as an example. We have selected live mode and the nearest football match and placed a 1X2 bet. This is one of the most common types of bets at bookmakers including NairaBet. This type of bet is used in football and involves choosing the outcome of the match from three possible options:

  • "1" means a win for the team playing at "home" or the first indicated team (depending on the format of display on the bookmaker's website).
  • "X" means a draw.
  • "2" means a victory of the team playing the visiting side or the second specified one.

So, we have placed a 1X2 bet on a football match, with a prediction for the guest team to win. Our prediction is automatically displayed in Betslip at the bottom of the page.

making bets at Nairabet

Next, go to the Betslip section. There you should see a list of all your recent bets or coupons. As there is no money on the gambling account at the moment, the bet is inactive. In order to make a prediction and track its status, the client must top up the balance.

making bets at Nairabet

How do I make a deposit at Nairabet?

In order to deposit your game account, first of all, specify the amount. Next, select the deposit method that suits you. For Nigerians, the bookmaker offers to top up the account via:

  1. paystack;
  2. Flutterwave;
  3. XpressPAY;
  4. PalmPay;
  5. OPay.
Nairabet deposit wethods

Detailed instructions on how to make a deposit and, subsequently, withdraw winnings we have told here.

How to place a bet and track its status?

Once you've topped up your account you need to:

  1. Return to the Betslip section;
  2. Find the coupon whose status you want to check;
  3. Click on it or select the appropriate option to view the details;
  4. View information about the current status of the coupon: winning, losing or pending.
  5. If your coupon is winning, you will also see the amount won and the options available for withdrawal or further action.

For a full assessment of the bookmaker, we recommend you read our review on Nairabet.


  • Does NairaBet have a mobile app?

    Yes. The bookmaker has developed a betting app for Android devices.

  • Nairabet app download for Android

    We've explained in details how to download the bookmaker's app here.

  • What are the rules for free bet wagering in NairaBet?

    You can get free bets using the bookmaker's promotions and bonuses. Each offer has unique wagering rules. For example, the promotion "Daily Freebet for NBA bets" has a minimum betting odds of 1.50 for wagering the bonus.

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