USSD betting sites in Nigeria – That Accept USSD payment in 2024

There is a plethora of payment methods that bookmakers use. How to distinguish them all? How to figure out, which one is the best? These questions are legitimate, since making deposits and withdrawing are extremely important for betting. In this article we're going to address such a payment method as USSD. If you've been thinking about taking it into account, you're in the right place. Learn more about it by reading the following text.

What is USSD?

What is USSD

You've probably met this abbreviation before, since the phenomenon going under it is quite widespread. So what is it about? Actually, USSD stands for Unstructures Supplementary Service Data. It is a system that allows to connect a mobile device with a server by using numeric codes. The process of using USSD usually looks like dialing numbers corresponding to necessary options from the menu that is depicted on the screen. USSD can be used for various purposes, including mobile banking.

Please note, that this method is usually interconnected with payment gateways. Before you can take advantge of USSD tansactions, you need to create an account on a gateway that you find the most convenient. Later it'll help you with making deposits and withdrawing.

Here are some of payment gateways:

  1. Paystack;
  2. Flutterwave;
  3. Monnify;
  4. GTBank.

Why should I use this payment method?

USSD has been exsitsting for a very long time — since 1997. And it still remains one of the most widespread operators. So why do people keep using this payment method? Here are some reasons for you to consider taking advantage of it, too:

  1. Globality: USSD can be used wherever you want, in every point of the globe;
  2. Autonomy: you don't even need internet to take advantage of this payment method;
  3. Instancy: the answer from the server can be received in no time; moreover the whole process doesn't take long as well;
  4. Easiness: you can access USSD practically from any mobile phone.

Which bookmakers offer making payments via USSD?

As it was mentioned before, USSD is frequently used for processing payments. No wonder that many bookmakers use it for this as well. So if you find this payment method appropriate for you, here is a list of bookmakers that we recommend considering joining:

Bookmakermin. depositTimeFeesmin. withdrawalTimeFees
100 NGNinstant
250 NGNinstant
1 EURinstant
250 NGNinstant
330 NGNinstant550 NGN15 min
Bookmakers offering USSD

As you can see, it is a bit troubling to find a bookmaker, that provides withdrawals via USSD. Not impossible, though. However, take this pecularity of the payment method into account when picking a bookmaker.

Question — Answer

  • What do I need to have in order to make transactions via USSD?

    Actually, you only need to posess two things: your mobile phone (despite of it being a smartphone or a button phone) and an account on a payment gateway that supports USSD.

  • Is using USSD free?

    Unfortunately, not. But the fee charged by the payment method is quite low: it is 6.98 NGN per transaction only.

  • What is a payment gateway?

    It's a techology that makes digital transactions possible. Payment gateways help to create a bridge between a remitter and a payee.

  • Do I need internet to use USSD?

    No, this payment method doesn't require internet, yet you need cellular network.

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