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BetPawa is a bookmaker that provides betting on sporting events and other events related to various types of games and entertainment. The company operates online and has a licence to conduct gambling in different countries. The company also offers a wide range of virtual games.

Keep reading and we will tell you more about virtual gaming on the bookmaker's platform.

Assortment of virtual games

The bookmaker offers a wide range of events. To familiarise yourself with the range, go to the menu on the website and then to the "Games" section.

How to find virtual games in betPawa

On the new page you will have access to the entire list of virtual games on the bookmaker's platform. They are conveniently divided into sections. The following are available now:

  • Crash;
  • What's New;
  • Prize Drop;
  • Low Data;
  • Slots;
  • Table & Card;
  • All: it's got all the games in it.
Categories of virtual games in betPawa

Let's take a look at each section and range in more detail.

Crash category

These are games in which players bet on the rise or fall of the value of a certain index, which grows at a certain rate. Most often the outcome is unpredictable, because this category includes games of luck. Customers can bet that the index will reach a certain value or that the index will fall to a certain level. The game continues until the index reaches a certain value, and the winnings depend on what level the index has reached when the game ends. These games are one of the most popular entertainment in online casinos and bookmakers.

There are 13 games available for customers in this section:

  1. Aviator;
  2. JetX;
  3. HelicopterX;
  4. Blast;
  5. Balloon;
  6. FootballX;
  7. PlinkoX;
  8. TowerX;
  9. Joker's 4 Bonuses;
  10. JetX3;
  11. CricketX;
  12. SlicerX;
  13. Cappadocia.
Crash category in betPawa

The most popular choice on the bookmaker's platform amongst customers is usually Aviator.

What's New category

In this category the bookmaker adds novelties. Here is a mix of games that the company has recently added. At the moment the bookmaker has 5 new releases:

  1. HelicopterX;
  2. Blast;
  3. 9 Bells™;
  4. 3x3 Hold The Spin;
  5. Mighty Symbols™: Crowns.
What's New category in betPawa

Follow the updates on the site. In this section the bookmaker will post recently added games.

Prize Drop category

Prize Drop games are those in which players can win prizes that fall from the top of the screen. Customers can choose which cell they want to bet on. If the prize falls on that section, the player will receive the winnings. The size of the winnings depends on how difficult it is to hit the selected box. These games are also popular entertainment in online casinos and betting shops.

There are 15 games available for customers in this section:

  1. 9 Bells™;
  2. 9 Coins™ Extremely Light;
  3. Hot Slot™: 777 Crown;
  4. Magic Spins™;
  5. Mighty Wild™: Panther;
  6. Mighty Symbols™: Crowns;
  7. Hot Slot™: 777 Cash Out;
  8. Hot Slot™: 777 Rubies;
  9. Lucky Queen;
  10. Larry the Leprechaun;
  11. Lucky Reels™;
  12. 12 Coins™ Grand Gold Edition;
  13. 9 Coins™ Grand Diamond Edition;
  14. Hot 777 Deluxe™;
  15. Hot Slot™: 777 Stars.
Prize Drop category in betPawa

Such games use various mechanisms, such as random determination of the path of the balls, the size and shape of the playing field, the number and value of wins, etc. As a rule, such games give bonuses for certain combinations, which allows players to get additional winnings.

Low Data category

Low Data games are ones that consume a small amount of internet traffic. This can be an important factor for users with limited internet access or those who want to save money on their mobile tariffs. These are usually simple games with minimal graphics and sound effects, such as word or number guessing games, dice games, sports prediction games, etc.

There are 15 games available for customers in this section:

  1. Wheel of Luck;
  2. Fortune Miner;
  3. Lucky Roulette;
  4. 9 Coins™ Extremely Light;
  5. Jacks or Better;
  6. Trafrica;
  7. Mines;
  8. Dice;
  9. Hi-Lo;
  10. Goal;
  11. Hot Slot™: 777 Coins Extremely Light;
  12. Extra Bingo;
  13. Mini Roulette;
  14. Hot Slot™: 777 Cash Out Extremely Light;
  15. Keno.
Low Data category in betPawa

This category can also refer to games with very low stakes or minimal payouts. Such games may be more suitable for beginners or those who want to risk a small amount of money.

Slots category

Slots category games are a type of gambling game based on the principle of slot machines. They usually consist of several reels that spin and stop, showing a combination of symbols that determines the outcome of the game.

There are 15 games available for customers on the bookmaker's platform:

  1. Multi Hot 5;
  2. 3х3 Hold the Spin;
  3. Hot Slot™: 777 Crown;
  4. Magic Spins™;
  5. Trafrica;
  6. Mighty Wild™: Panther;
  7. Mighty Symbols™: Crowns;
  8. Hot Slot™: 777 Cash Out;
  9. Hot Slot™: 777 Rubies;
  10. Lucky Queen;
  11. Larry the Leprechaun;
  12. Lucky Reels™;
  13. 12 Coins™ Grand Gold Edition;
  14. 9 Coins™ Grand Diamond Edition;
  15. Hot 777 Deluxe™.
Slots category in betPawa

In Slots games, you can win money if a certain combination of symbols falls on a payline. The amount of winnings depends on the combination of symbols and the bet size. Some slots may also have added bonus games and multipliers that increase the chances of winning.

Table & Card category

"Table & Card" is a category of games at betting shops that includes various card and table games. These can be games such as different versions of poker (e.g. Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Spread), Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, etc.

There are 11 games available for customers on the online operator's website:

  1. Lucky Roulette;
  2. Jacks or Better;
  3. Dice;
  4. Three Cards;
  5. Mini Roulette;
  6. Casino Roulette;
  7. Sic Bo Dragons;
  8. BlackJack;
  9. Joker Poker;
  10. Gold Roulette;
  11. Caribbean Beach Poker.
Table & Card category in betPawa

Customers can bet on the outcomes of these games and win if they guess correctly. At the same time, it is also possible to lose. Therefore, before you start playing, it is important to understand how these games work and how to minimise your losses.

Read our review on betPawa. It will help you get a full impression of the company before choosing it for betting.


  • How to Find the Betpawa Virtuals on Desktop and Mobile?

    Finding this section is easy. First, go to the menu. Next, select the "Games" section. After that, you will have access to the entire selection of games on the bookmaker's platform.

  • Is there Aviator game available at Betpawa?

    Yes. It is available for players in "Crash" category.

  • Does Betpawa have an app?

    Yes. The bookmaker has developed an Android app.

  • What currency is available at Betpawa for players from Nigeria?

    The bookmaker accepts the national currency NGN for deposit and withdrawal of winnings.

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