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Winners Golden Bet (WGB) is the bookmaker that is most popular among Nigerian soccer fans. This is explained by the presence of high odds. In addition to fans of this sporting trend, here you can find like-minded fans of live or virtual games, as well as interactive casinos. In any case, the WGB betting office will provide you with a safe space.

The purpose of placing bets is different for every player. While for some people predicting sports outcomes is purely entertainment, others are interested in earning money. Whatever your reason for registering on a bookmaker's website, you will surely be interested in whether your bet won in the end. Winners Golden Bet owns a special tool that is used to check the status of your bet.

Regardless of what device you are used to betting on sports from, hurry up and check the WGB features and with them the success of your prediction!

Winners Golden Bet check bet slip

What is a coupon check for a winner?

The Coupon Check option allows you to be aware of the status of the bet placed, as well as its result after the settlement procedure. Checking takes only a few minutes, but first you need to understand the basis for this procedure.

Features of the bookmaker's coupon

To begin with, we suggest you understand what the betting coupon itself is.

A coupon is an electronic or paper receipt, which contains basic information about the concluded bet:

  • Coupon Number. Each coupon is assigned a unique combination of numbers. It is it that a bettor needs to memorize in order to specify it later and learn about the status of the bet made on WGB.
  • Date and time. The check also includes the day and time indicating when the bet was made. In case of any irregularities, this information is taken into account first.
  • Event. The coupon also provides the full name of the event whose outcome was predicted by the player.
  • Outcome. The outcome of the match is the result of the tournament on which the prediction was made.
  • Odds value. All odds values found on the Winners Golden Bet website belong exclusively to the brand and its team of analysts. The higher the odds multiplier, the better your chances of winning. The potential winnings are calculated according to a formula where the amount of your bet is multiplied by the value of the odds.
  • Bet amount. The bet amount is a certain amount of money you are willing to bet. Accordingly, the bigger the bet amount, the bigger your prize pool in case of luck and vice versa.
  • Potential winnings. This is the predicted amount of winnings that the bettor can count on if he wins. As a rule, it is determined automatically by the bookmaker and is immediately written in the coupon.

As we said above, the coupon can be presented in two formats, paper and electronic. Being not only a registered, but also a verified client of the bookmaker Winners Golden Bet, you can bet both through the official website of the bookmaker and in a real land-based outlet, called a store. In this case, if the bet was made online, it is automatically saved in the player's Personal Cabinet, and if in the store, it is given to the bettor in the form of a receipt. To check the paper coupon, it must be shown to an employee of the betting shop, and also present a passport. In the next paragraph we will tell you how to find out about the status of an electronic coupon.

Where can I find a Winners Golden Bet coupon?

Before you start checking a coupon containing a prediction on the outcome of one or more tournaments, you need to create it. In this paragraph we will tell you how to place a bet and, accordingly, generate an electronic receipt:

1. If you have never opened your account at Winners Golden Bet, this point will be most useful to learn. Launch the full or mobile version of the website. Find the "Registration" key and click on it.

Registration button in the mobile version of Winners Golden Bet

2. Complete the registration form with the following information:

  • A cell phone number that will be linked to your account.
  • A made-up username.
  • Password and password re-entry.
  • E-mail.
  • Bonus code (optional).

Read the detailed terms and conditions of registration here.

Winners Golden Bet registration form

3. Once the account is created, go to the top of the title page and select any discipline based on your sports preferences.

Choice of sport discipline

4. Decide on the betting format: live or pre-match. Depending on your decision, select the "Sports" or "Live" section.

Selecting the betting format

5. Find the league that suits you and check the date and time of the sports match. Then click on the odds multiplier that suits you.

Selecting the betting odds

6. The number “1” will instantly appear on the bottom panel under “Ticket”. If you have selected several tournaments and consequently several odds, the numerical value will be indicated differently.

Betting coupon

7. Go to your generated coupon and after filling in everything required, click on the "Place a bet" button or "Book a bet" if the match has not yet started.

8. Copy or memorize your personalized code.

Personal code to check the status of the bet

How can I check the coupon in the mobile version of Winners Golden Bet?

It should be noted that the Winners Golden Bet bookmaker allows you to track not only the status of the bet, but also the course of the sporting event on the outcome of which it was concluded. To follow how this or that match is going, use the "Sport Live" section on the company's website. In case you are interested only in its result, read our article further.

So, in order to find out where you stand at the end of the match, on the winning or losing side, check the status of your bet. All you need to do is described in our instructions:

1. Click on the "Ticket" button on the bottom menu bar.

Tab for checking the status of bets

2. Enter the six-digit code in the "Fast ticket code" field and press "Check".

Fields for entering a special code

In addition to entering the coupon ID yourself, the mobile version of the web platform has provided an option to scan the barcode located on the paper coupon. In case you want to use this function, then:

1. Launch the mobile version of Winners Golden Bet and click the "Scan" button located in the "Ticket" section under the "Ticket check" tab. Pre-install the required application (zxing barcode scanner) on your device. Otherwise you will be redirected to the page where you can download the mobile program.

Button for bar code scanning

2. The barcode scanner application opens. Point the camera at the bet barcode, that appears on the paper coupon.

Coupon barcode


  • What should I do if my coupon is missing from the Winners Golden Bet website?

    In case you can't find your receipt on the bookmaker's website, contact the support service of the office.

  • Can I download the Winners Golden Bet app on Android?

    At the time of writing the review, WGB Bookmaker does not have a mobile app, but you can use the mobile mode of the company's website.

  • Can I check my coupon if I already have an account?

    You can. To do so, you need to log in to your account on the Winners Golden Bet website using the "Login" key.

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