Mozzart Aviator

Aviator is one of the most prominent games played in Nigeria. That's why every decent bookmaker offers this game to its customers. Mozzart is not an exception. This betting site allows you to enjoy Aviator at its finest. Read this article if you want to learn the rules of this crash game and how to play it on Mozzart.

What are the rules of Aviator?


Aviator is worthy because of its easiness and the ability to engage players. Moreover, it can get you money in a short period of time without requiring much effort. So, how to play this game? There are a few simple rules.

  1. First of all, place a bet. Make sure that you do it during a break between rounds. You can recognise it by a spinning propeller and a red countdown line on your screen.
  2. Wait until the round begins.
  3. Follow a plane flying on your screen. The longer its flight lasts, the higher an odd that you can see in the middle of the screen becomes. Your bet will be multiplied by this amount.
  4. Cash your bet out before the plane flies away. Otherwise you'll lose your money.

Have fun!

How do I find Aviator on Mozzart's website?

Aviator icon Mozzart

Finding this game on the bookmaker's page is not a big deal, since its icon is situated right in the main menu that takes up a whole line in the upper part of the site. Click it to proceed to playing.

How do I play Aviator?

Basically, this game's gameplay includes only two buttons that actually have the same function. They are bet buttons. That means, you can place two bets simultaneously. However, you should keep in mind that that makes the game more complicated since you can't cash out both of them at the same time.

When bets are placed, these buttons turn into cash out buttons.

Moreover, you can take advantage of other smaller buttons that allow you to adjust the amount of your bet. You can even make it appear automatically or choose one of the variants provided in advance.

As you can see, playing Aviator is an easy and quite intuitive process that you'll surely be able to handle. Try your hand on Mozzart's website. In case you consider that you're not confident enough, the bookmaker has a so called fun mode to offer. It allows you to play Aviator without using real money, which is good for training. But please note, that you can't withdraw the money you win in this mode.

Question — Answer

  • How do I know when the plane flies away?

    Actually, there is no way to find this out, since the game is based on randomizer. That's what makes Aviator so gripping.

  • Why can't I place a bet on Aviator?

    Probably you're trying to do it during a match. Wait for a pause and try again. If that doesn't help, you can reach out to Mozzart's customer support.

  • What is fun mode?

    This is a variation of the game where you don't need to spend your own money, meaning you can't lose. However, you can't withdraw the winnings either. This mode is suitable for the new players who just want to train before risking.

  • Why are there two bet buttons?

    You can place two bets in the same round, but you can't cash them out at the same time. Thus, this function can bring you more winnings and emotions, but you need to be more careful while playing.

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