Mozzart Jackpot

Jackpot is a fantastic chance to win a great prize and Mozzart gives you an opportunity to push your luck there. There are two prizes called Super Grand Jackpot and Super Jackpot of total amount of 300 and 30 million NGN respectively that will be divided between the winners! Different bookmakers have various rules of jackpot. You can read such for the one that Mozzard provides in this article.

However, before you can take part in a jackpot, you'll need to create an account and to make a deposit. Brief instructions to these processes are overviewed below as well.

How do I register on Mozzart?


Find the Register button at the top right corner of the page. Click it to proceed to the registration.

Mozzart registration

Mozzart offers two ways of creating an account: by phone and by e-mail. They are quite similar, although it helps to make registration convenient for various kinds of users. Regardless of what type you've chosen, you will receive a link (on either your phone or e-mail) that you'll need to click in order to complete the registration. After that you'll be able to access all the features that are provided by Mozzart.

How to top up?

This bookmaker stands out because it distinguishes funds that you use for different purposes. Thus, you can have either Betting or Casino or Free bets accounts. However, you can transfer your money from Betting to Casino and vice versa. It's remarkable that Jackpot goes under Betting.

Personal data

Before you can make a deposit you need to specify your personal details. Please note that they are required to match such in your bank account.

Payment methods

Actually, Mozzart offers a great range of opportunities to make a deposit that are basically provided by four operators which are:

  1. paystack;
  2. Interswitch;
  3. Quickteller;
  4. OPay.

All of the payment methods charge no fees, are instant and have restrictions conserning minimal and maximum deposit that are 100 and 250 000 NGN respectively.

By clicking every button you can get familliar with the additional instructions to completing transfers via this very method.

How to take part in the jackpot?

You can proceed to the jackpot page by clicking an appropriate button in the upper menu. Once done, you'll be able to check on the rules and results of both kinds of the jackpot (weekly and daily) and place your bets.

Speaking about the rules, they will be generally laid out below.

Mozzart offers the bettors to guess the outcome of 20 or 16 (depending on if the jackpot is weekly or daily) selected matches before they start. The stake is respectively 300 NGN and 100 NGN for one combination. The winners are people who have 19, 18, 17 and 0 correct predictions (for the weekly jackpot) and 15, 14, 13 matches outcomes guessed for the daily one. The prize is shared between all the winners depending on which of the types listed above they exactly are.

About what happens in unexpected situations and other pecularities you can read on Mozzart's website.

Question — Answer

  • What is the prize for Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot?

    A total amount of 300 000 000 NGN is shared among the winners every week.

  • How to take part in a jackpot?

    To get a chance to win you need to have an active account on Mozzart and to place 20 bets for a weekly jackpot or 16 bets for a daily one in a special section of the site.

  • How much are the stakes?

    Placing bets on matches that go under the jackpots costs 300 NGN for the weekly one and 100 NGN for daily.

  • Can I top up via ATM?

    Yes, this payment method is available among a vast variety of other ones.

  • What is the minimum deposit?

    Using any of the ways available you can top up any amount of funds that is more that 100 NGN and less than 250 000 NGN.

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