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Aviator is a prominent casino game present on YangaSport that has recently become loved by gamblers from all over the world and in Nigeria in paticular. It's no wonder that this game is so popular. Aviator's simple rules and gripping gameplay have definitely won people's hearts. Do you want to join those who enjoy the game? Then read this article so you could learn how to do it.

What is Aviator?

To master this game you need to cash out the multiplied bet you placed in the beginning before a plane that you see on the screen disappears. Here are the steps you need to take to win the game:

  1. Place a bet.
  2. Follow the plane flying on your screen. The longer in flies, the bigger the multiplier of your bet is.
  3. Cash out before the plane vanishes. If you don't manage to do it, your bet will be lost.
  4. You may repeat it the next round that starts in a few seconds after the previous one is over.
Aviator YangaSport

How do I register on YangaSport to play Aviator?

Before you can take part in Aviator, you need to create an account on YangaSport. That won't take you much time and can be done really easily.

Firstly, enter the bookmaker's website and find the registration button.

Begin to register

That's what you'll see. Don't pay attention to the log in input fields but proceed directly to registration page by clicking an appropriate button.

Sign Up button

Fill in your personal details. You'll also have an opportunity to enter your promocode or referral code if you have one of them or both. Finally, confirm that you're older than 18 by ticking a special checkbox.


After you've specified all the data needed and clicked the Sign Up button you're considered a member of YangaSport's community.

Topping up on YangaSport

The next step is to make a deposit which also won't trouble you. Begin with clicking the Deposit button at the top right corner.

You'll see a page with payment methods available on YangaSport.

Paystack and Opay

It may seem that there are only two of them, however, they both provide users with additional options (respectively):

Payment methods

You can choose any of these payment methods depending on which you find the most convenient to you.

Where is the Aviator game on YangaSport's website?

You can proceed to Aviator just in two clicks. At first, find yourself at the main page of the bookmaker's site. You will see the Specials button in the upper menu. That's what you need.


After that you'll see a wide range of the games that YangaSport offers that include Aviator.

YangaSport Aviator

Click this icon and that's it — now you can enjoy Aviator!

How to play Aviator?

You already know all the general rules of this game. But how to put them into practice?

What can some people be concerned by is how exactly to place a bet. Actually, there are no difficulties. Firstly, you can do this only when you see such an image on your screen:

Aviator loading

Secondly, you may place a bet at once if the button displays the correct amount just by clicking it. However, if you want to adjust it, you can use several ways. For example, click + or - to add or to subtract 30 NGN. You can also select one of the offered amounts (which are 100, 200, 500 and 1000). Moreover, if you click Auto, a bet will be changed randomly.

Bet button

That's all the options that Aviator has — it's so simple! Enjoy!

Question — Answer

  • What is Aviator?

    It's a thrilling casino game that can bring you a lot of fun and income.

  • Why can't I place a bet?

    Probably you're trying to do this during a round. Wait until you see the loading screen and try again. In case you still experience difficulties reach to YangaSport's customer support.

  • What is a minimum deposit on YangaSport?

    You can only top up an amount that is not less than 100 NGN.

  • Can I top up with a bank card?

    Yes, YangaSport offers a wide range of payment methods, including bank card.

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